Touch DJ Evolution Review

Touch DJ Evolution by Amidio for iPad boasts an ability to provide a seamless platform for visual mixing.  The application’s design prioritizes performance over any likeness to an analog DJ setup.  This is particularly apparent when it comes to pre-cueing.  While other all-in-one DJ applications attempt to handle pre-cueing through [...]

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MP3 Bitrates: Who Cares? You Should!

​Deciding how important it is to keep your bitrates under control will be much easier if we brush up a little bit on the technical side of things. An MP3 is compressed audio, and the compression is achieved by chopping out the sounds we can’t, or don’t, hear – frequencies [...]

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Too Good To Be True? The Perils Of Buying Online

The American economy is all over the news at the moment and for good reason – it affects all of us, from the Wall Street brokers teetering on the edge to homegrown bedroom DJs from the land down under. If you live outside the States, you’re probably rejoicing in the [...]

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DJ Tech X10 Review

You don't see many 2 channel DJ mixers on the market nowadays. With all the controllers for DVS software's, there isn't a real market for them. However, DJ Tech is on a different page, and the release of the DJ Tech X10 proves that the marriage between analog and digital [...]

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DJ iFad Hits the Club Scene!

I know what you want me to say. You want me to tell you that you can FINALLY write off that iPad you bought yourself last Christmas as a business expense. You want me to tell you that this wildly radical new app has hit the market, that it's going [...]

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The crossfadr DJ studio gallery photo-stravaganza!

DJs! Producers! Multi-talented individuals! Lend me your ears…and headphones, but only if they have delicious sound quality. We here at Crossfadr are getting ready to launch our DJ Studio Gallery. However, we need pictures of hot, funky fresh and original studio setups in order to get this moving and shaking. [...]

By |2023-11-24T07:30:11-05:00August 2, 2011| = The Future of the Mixtape?

It’s “all about aligning incentives between DJs, recording artists and music fans.” It deifies the mixtape, exalting the streaming content it hosts as the 21st century incarnation of every urbane music fan’s favorite adolescent pastime. Behind the screen, it offers a framework for DJs, promoters and venues to interact and [...]

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DJ Judgment: Kaskade suffers bout of OIMUS

Being a DJ is more than just playing music, traveling the world and overall bridging the gap between cultures. You are essentially becoming a role model to many people when you begin to spin and produce music that speaks to them on different levels. Kids, Teens, and adults alike, start [...]

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Got Style? These 4 Fashionable DJs Do

As a follow-up to my previous blog post, How Important are Image and Fashion to Your DJ Career?, I continue to delve into the fashion and style of some of the successful DJs out there today. Although there are many DJs with highly original style, these DJs stand out with respect to how [...]

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Stanton Magnetics – Visionary or Mixed Up?

Stanton holds a strange place in the DJ world. They’ve been around for more than 60 years and have vacillated between breaking open new markets as genuine innovators, and, sometimes, missing the point entirely. They’re top-notch manufacturers, though, and even their more derivative offerings, like the ST series of turntables, [...]

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