As a follow-up to my previous blog post, How Important are Image and Fashion to Your DJ Career?, I continue to delve into the fashion and style of some of the successful DJs out there today. Although there are many DJs with highly original style, these DJs stand out with respect to how they portray their image to the public.

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki

The American DJ Steve Aoki is a DJ, producer, designer, and entrepreneur. Fashion and style seem to come naturally for this DJ and besides the music business, Aoki also has not one – but two fashion lines as well. With respect to exactly where Aoki gets his inspiration for fashion, Aoki told that he simply finds inspiration in everything. As such, since he does find inspiration everywhere, it can be a bit challenging at times for him to sort through all of his ideas. Consequently, Aoki went on to say that whenever he does see something that inspires him – whether it is furniture, a T-shirt, or even an interesting shape, Aoki takes a photo of it and then later makes sense of these inspirations with the aid of his team later on.

Leigh Lesark

Leigh Lesark of the Misshapes

Leigh Lesark, a member of the unique NYC-based DJ trio, the Misshapes, is another stylish DJ. Since her day jobs include being a Chanel and DKNY Jeans brand ambassador, this designation may come as no surprise. She recently told the Telegraph that she loves to wear mini-dresses – and as she is shorter in stature, her personal belief for her is that “shorter is always better”. In addition, high heels are a favourite wardrobe accessory of hers – particularly “tall and fierce” heels by Nicholas Kirkwood. All that said, Lesark believes in the concept of dressing for the venue that you are working at. For instance, when she played at a cocktail party at Sotheby’s she wore an elegant feathered mini-dress. Further, Lesark also sports a highly recognizable trademark asymmetric bob haircut to complete her unique DJ look.


DJ Chesca

The UK-based DJ Chesca also takes fashion into serious consideration when she is spinning. For instance, as inspiration Chesca often looks directly to record album design covers. In addition, Prince’s girl band, Vanity 6 and the Italian disco star Spanga also highly influence Chesca’s fashion choices. For instance, she often wears one-piece leotards to make a visual impact while she DJs. In fact, she told the Telegraph that this particular outfit also makes her feel powerful – like a superhero.

In addition, Chesca loves to wear vintage clothes on a regular basis. With respect to her hairstyle, she believes that it is also an opportunity to exhibit personal style and as a result, she changes her hairstyle regularly as well.

DJ Vanshi

DJ Vanshi

DJ Vanshi is a Bangalore, India-based DJ that also considers image and fashion to be important components of a DJ’s image. Since he has been spinning since the tender age of fifteen, DJ Vanshi thoroughly understands the importance of image and style when it comes to being successful in this profession. He can often be found sporting trendy t-shirts paired with a suit jacket and fashionable jeans. As for trademarks, this DJ can also be seen wearing hats; in fact, he reportedly owns well over twenty different types of hats.

So – what about you? Do you think fashion is important as a DJ and what do you wear?