Without a doubt, when it comes to being a successful DJ, image is everything. After all, the DJ business is remarkably competitive and you must do all that you can to ensure that your “DJ brand” stands apart from the crowd.

As such, it is no surprise that the clothes and accessories you wear as a DJ are extremely important. Remember that even if you play amazing music, if you wear unstylish clothes and do not look the part, you most likely will not be asked to return – nor will you get those all-important referrals.

The Two Andrews

One DJ duo that understands the importance of both image and fashion is the popular NYC-based Andrew and Andrew. Billing themselves as iPad DJs, these two DJs dress exactly alike – usually in an exaggerated preppy get-up. However, other attention-getting outfits that they have worn in the past include identical retro ski jackets, cheeky t-shirts, and slick white suits. The two DJs began to dress alike when they started working together over ten years ago.  Since then, they have performed in places that include Toronto, Tokyo, and Brooklyn. This duo has gone one step further, though, with respect to image in that they choose to have only one identity;consequently, the pair gave up their distinctive last names, hometowns, and even separate birthdays.


Goldierocks is another DJ that understands the importance of both fashion and image. The UK-based DJ told the Telegraph recently that her personal trademark is her long hair to her waist. She also carefully composes her DJ outfits by thinking about both fashion and practicality. While she says that her clothes do change according to the venue, a typical outfit includes biker boots, a sequin dress, a hoodie with her name on it, and jewelry.

How can you go about properly incorporating fashion into your “DJ brand”?

Read on to discover exactly how to go about doing this very task:

  • First and foremost, consider your target market first. Who exactly are you trying to appeal to? For instance, a club and a business function are two entirely different events – and in turn – require a different type of fashion strategy for each occasion.
  • Try to stand out in some way. For instance, you can wear a signature outfit (or a variation of this outfit) every time you DJ. Of course, ensure that the clothes you wear are acceptable at your particular venue.
  • Make sure that your wardrobe matches your marketing material. If the image does not match, consider updating your promotional materials or changing your wardrobe to coincide with the image you portray in your other marketing efforts.
  • Change things up in order to keep it entertaining. Do also remember to gauge peoples’ reactions to certain clothes or accessories.

While the DJ business can be competitive, ensuring that you have a well-honed image and fashion sense will make you that much more memorable and – in turn – more successful as well.