You don’t see many 2 channel DJ mixers on the market nowadays. With all the controllers for DVS software’s, there isn’t a real market for them. However, DJ Tech is on a different page, and the release of the DJ Tech X10 proves that the marriage between analog and digital can work.

Once delivered to the crossfadr lab, we got right into the setup, which included the DJ Tech X10 (of course), two Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive turntable (review coming soon), Numark Mixtrack Controller (love this baby) and NI’s Traktor Pro (tight). Oh, we also had an iPad and iPhone connected to the USB hub, just charging. Deckadance DJ software is included, but it’s not as powerful and feature rich as Traktor. But it’s a great setup for those who are just starting out.

We first started with a basic setup using Traktor Pro and the X10 as the external mixer. In this mode the mixer doesn’t control your effects, so you’ll need to use your mouse and keyboard, if you don’t have a controller. Although the manual does an excellent job explaining how to setup the X10 sound card, Traktor immediately recognized the X10. You can’t discount something that simple, no software needed, major plus for that quick setup.

The ol’skool analog setup with two turntables and the X10 was flawless. The reverse and curve crossfader controls are actually useful. And you can’t beat the DJ Booth and TRS balanced connections.

The entire setup felt really good. And despite the size of the mixer, the setup still looks pretty professional. And again, I just really want to stress how well DJ Tech did with making the manual extremely easy to follow.


  • Plug and play
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Clear & simple setup manual
  • It’s really a great battle mixer
  • Low or no Latency at all
  • USB 2.0 Hub
  • DJ Booth and TRS balanced connections


  • Could come down on the retail price of $399 USD.
  • Bundle it with, at the very least, Virtual DJ.


  • The DJ Tech X10 is built like a tank, feels great and is a splendid addition to any DJ setup. Great job DJ Tech!

From DJ Tech

On-Board Soundcard
The X10 is equipped with a 4-in 4-out USB Audio Interface. The included Audio Driver allows you to DJ with both PC and Mac platforms at ultra low latency.

Regardless if you prefer vinyl or CD time code, the X10 allows you to easily connect to your favorite DVS software (e.g., Virtual DJ, Deckadance, MixVibes, etc.).

Expandable USB Connections
The built-in USB hub also gives you 2 extra USB connections to allow you connect other USB devices such as MIDI controllers to your digital DJ setup.

For example you can connect 2 uSolo FX’s to the USB hub and have a tightly integrated control surface, soundcard, and mixer connected to your digital DJ software.

More Controls for Less Money
The X10 is compact, but it gives you all the control you need. In addition to the standard mixer functions such as 3-Band EQ, Channel Selection, Crossfader curve control, and split CUE, the X10 is also equipped with Crossfader Reverse, Channel Fader Reverse, 2-way Crossfader Curve, and Channel Fader Curve.


  • Integrated High Quality 4-in/ 4-out USB Audio Interface
  • Low Latency ASIO Driver included
  • Integrated USB Hub for 2 Extra USB Connections
  • 2 x CD, 2 x Phono / Line (switchable), 2 x USB Inputs
  • VCA 45mm Crossfader and Channel Faders
  • Cross Fader Reverse
  • Cross Fader and Channel Fader Contour
  • TRS Balanced and RCA Unbalanced Master Outputs, Booth Outputs
  • 6.35mm Jack and 3.5mm Mini Jack Headphones Connectors
  • DJ Software Deckadance LE included