DJs! Producers! Multi-talented individuals! Lend me your ears…and headphones, but only if they have delicious sound quality. We here at Crossfadr are getting ready to launch our DJ Studio Gallery. However, we need pictures of hot, funky fresh and original studio setups in order to get this moving and shaking.

So what are we looking for?  Well, the sky’s the limit, and assorted other metaphors. So if you’ve got a shrine to Picasso down in your basement surrounded with the biggest speakers I’ve ever seen and a giant disco ball…send it in. If you’re more traditional and prefer the standard rig with dual monitors, Sony headphones, two mixers, and a midi keyboard…send it in. If you can’t afford the best gear but you can work it with some card board boxes, an iPad turntable, and a stunning view of your neighbor’s recycling bin…definitely submit that, too.

Your space defines who you are and it also reflects on the music you make. It’s a bit of you that many people don’t get to experience. Giving a glimpse of your studio is like giving someone a key to a world only you can see. So if you’re ready to show the world what makes you tick and tock musically, send your studio pictures on over, preferably in a high-res jpeg.

Do us a favor and include your name, location, the gear in your studio, your favorite piece of gear, and the mood you get into with this setup. All photos/information should be sent to

Andre Galluzzi DJ Studio