Electronic Dance Music has always been a bit of an underground phenomenon, with folks sharing and collaborating on musical creation, production and dissemination.  But now that the sound has infected everything from nightclubs to television commercials to half-time performances, a proliferation of informational and entertainment websites have sprung up.  Many offer simply the pleasure of listening, reading, and exploring the different types of EDM.  Some also offer resources for DJs and producers.  A limited number of sites specialize in the deeper elements of particular genres like trance or techno. However, not all measure up to scrutiny.

Sorting through what’s on the internet is a daunting task for anyone, so you can thank me in advance for compiling this list of useful EDM sites.  They each give content that may prove repetitive to avid fans.  That said, they all serve unique and necessary purposes, helping you find decent information and locate what’s novel out there.

The sites are judged on layout, comprehensiveness, readability, usefulness and knowledge.  If a website has a ton of useful, readable content but a bad layout, it gets demoted.  On the other hand, it can be as slick as all get-out, but if it doesn’t offer excellent information, it moves down the scale.

10. Mixing.DJ (www.mixing.dj)

An online magazine boasting a large menu with great current content.  The site offers lists of live sets, DJ mixes, radio shows, news, festivals and events. However, the layout is busy and disorienting.  Unfortunately, the usefulness of the information is overshadowed by the jumble.  A more streamlined look would be better.  But if you’re looking for some current mixes and up-to-date information, feel free to sort.

9. Living Electro (www.livingelectro.com)

A forum site and blog dedicated to worshippers of house, trance, dubstep and electro, this site offers live chat, current topics and lots of new tracks.  Users can submit their own songs and discuss with each other what’s working for them.  It’s a great resource with a pretty simple layout.  Once the content fills up with more in the way of news and articles, it will be even better.

8. Salacious Sound (http://salacioussound.com/)

I like this site because it offers a nice mix of content, from reviews, latest hits and contests to special features like the Tuesday Top 10 Tracks.  Also, a large number of EDM genres are covered.  The layout is off to a good start, but needs a stronger menu header and a cleaning lady just for the fonts alone.

7. The DJ List (http://thedjlist.com/)

A comprehensive list of DJs in every genre and around the world, this is an up-to-date site with a lot of relevant info including news, events, production and more.  Unfortunately it suffers from a busy layout and small menu headers, so it could be easier to navigate.  With a bit of effort, though, you can find most of what you need to know here.

6. Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music (http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide)

Ishkur’s Guide is one of my favourite EDM sites, if only for its irreverent attitude.  Actually, although the configuration looks tacky and more modern options are available to anyone with a bit of tech-savvy, this site is an extremely useful catalogue.  Despite its cheesy appearance, the colourful web of EDM genres is surprisingly easy to navigate, illustrating how the genres are inter-related over the past several decades.  Sound clips of quintessential tunes are provided for each sub-genre.  You’ll learn – and laugh – a lot by perusing this site for a few hours with a beer in hand.  Ishkur certainly has a way with (cuss)words.

5. I Voice (http://www.ibiza-voice.com/)

A dizzying array of information lies entrapped inside this site.  One of the most comprehensive EDM sites by far, basically covering everything in the EDM world far and wide.  It’s a good resource for checking out the club scenes if you’re going travelling.  While it’s well-organized, the site could use an overhaul for simplicity and cleanliness.

4. EDM Tunes (http://www.edmtunes.com/)

Abundant with news, information on the popular EDM scene, downloads and sharing opportunities, EDM Tunes is a great website with plenty of content, a simple grid layout and easy navigation.  The single thing missing is that it needs to offer more in the way of EDM genres.

3. Pumped Audio (www.pumpedaudio.com)

A beautifully configured site with well-organized dropdown menus and categories.  It boasts a section for EDM scenes all over the world, current news on artists, labels and DJs, reviews and releases, and much more.  Organized in a simple grid layout with a soon-to-come online community feature, this site will rock the EDM nation.

2. Beatport (http://www.beatport.com/)

A fantastic resource for DJ/producers and fans alike, this website is a relentless source of current and new EDM, EDM software, DJ contests, and a comprehensive list of genres and artists.  Beautifully laid out in rows and grids, it is pleasing to the eye and easy to read.  Enjoy!

1. DJ Mag (http://www.djmag.com/)

With a tagline, “Living and Breathing Dance Music,” this comprehensive and beautiful website lives up to its mission.  Just enough colour and style to attract the eye, combined with enough information to keep you exploring for hours. I dare you to click the link.