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How Ambient Trance Music Will Eventually Bring World Peace

It’s happened to you plenty.  The soaring, circular melodies of a throbbing song suddenly cause a warm feeling to rush over you.  You smile involuntarily.  Cynical, you try and shrug it off.  Maybe you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with a stranger in a crowded place, wondering whether they’re getting this [...]

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When Does Experimental Become Ridiculous?

Being a general proponent of freedom and self-expression, I’ve always been one to support even the weirdest experiments in music. It doesn’t matter whether it’s my thing, I can still appreciate someone’s effort to create something novel. I mean the same goes with hairstyles and fashion, right? (Although personally, I’ve [...]

By |2023-11-24T07:56:49-05:00September 11, 2012|

Has Electronic Music Lost Its Soul? Stand Down, Punk

I’ve got one word for ya – DIY. Call it freedom of expression, self-engagement, or just plain old democracy, but the do-it-yourself movement highly characterizes the electronic music scene right now. Accessibility, education and technology make musical composition as simple as – yes – the touch of a button. While [...]

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Trust – TRST

Electro-synth duo Trust consists of writer and producer Robert Alfons and percussionist Maya Postepski (also of Austra).  They hail from Toronto, where they met in 2009 and started working on songs together.  They formed the band in 2010 and just released their full-length debut, TRST, in February 2012.  A few [...]

By |2023-06-05T08:59:18-04:00July 31, 2012|

Pacific Northwest – EDM or Bust!

We all know the origins of electronic music lie in famous cities like Berlin, Chicago, New York City, Detroit and London. But now that technology has proliferated, little mini-scenes are sprouting up like mushrooms everywhere. Not every city develops its own novel sound, but some places are pretty fun to party [...]

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Plug Research

Plug Research is an independent electronic music label based in Los Angeles California, specializing in alternative, ambient, experimental, soul/funk, tropical techno and anything else you can’t quite put your finger on. Allen Avanessian started the label as a hobby in 1994, producing electronic music with his partner from their home. [...]

By |2023-11-24T07:56:55-05:00July 16, 2012|

Nu-Be @ Tekno II

Okay, so after attempting a mashup of three songs for my first try at digital music manipulation, I discovered that the basics of production are no simple task to decipher.  I’m still only three seconds into the song¸ and still deciding how the intro should go.  Right. I always find [...]

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The xx – Summer Tour and Upcoming Release, Co-Exist

The xx will be releasing their sophomore album, Co-Exist, on September 10 2012. Coming out under the Young Turks label, rumour has it the record is in its final mixing stages.  During a string of shows in London last month, they tried out five new tracks that were warmly received [...]

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Is Rave Culture Stayin’ Alive?

Rave has been used to describe wild parties and burgeoning youth counter-cultures since the 1950s. Starting with Buddy Holly’s “Rave On” and progressing through the 1960s, the die-hard partier has continued to upset the balance of society, even after a minor lull in activity. Lots of folks thought rave was [...]

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Seven Lions: Something Borrowed, Something New!

Seven Lions is blazing a mashed-up trail through the forest of EDM.  Officially endorsed four months ago by Above & Beyond (listed as #5 on the world’s top 100 DJs) for his wicked remix of “You Got to Go”, Seven Lions producer Jeff Montalvo is now beginning his first DJ [...]

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