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Chromeo: Slick-Ass Lover’s Funk, Business Casual-Style

If you want to feel a vibe like you’re driving through the intro of a 1980s nightclub-scene television series wearing a bushy moustache, dial into Chromeo. Eminently danceworthy, infectious and ever-so-accessible to millions of electro-funk addicts, the stuff these guys have been exuding for almost a decade capitalizes on the [...]

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Madeon: Prodigy or Flash in the Pan?

Hugo Pierre Leclercq is the newest child producer of electro-pop. Barely old enough to drive a car and going by the stage name Madeon, he went viral in summer 2011 with a mashup of 39 popular songs that garnered six million views within a few days. (The song was much [...]

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Nu-Disco: Do Ya Dig It?

The indie dance movement is having its hey-day right about now.  The fusion of punk, rock, disco, new wave and electronic body music has fuelled a modern crusade of catchy, infectious and intelligent tunes.  As with all EDM nowadays, this means you can come across a lot of tripe out [...]

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Nu-Be @ Tekno

I’m a writer, not a DJ.  I mean, I can play the guitar and sing, but my tunes are more the campfire variety.  I’ve always wanted to make my own computer music—if only so my three best friends and I can really have our own living room dance party.  So [...]

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The Jane Doze

Recommended by Mike Wass of Idolator.com as one of the top 11 acts to see at this year’s SXSW festival in March, the Jane Doze is everyone’s new favourite chick duo.  One of their first tunes to really hit the radar was “Forever 27” – a mashup of songs by [...]

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Madonna – MDNA

The world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time brings another accessible album to the public.  Keeping up with the times as usual, Madonna invigorates the new album MDNA with smooth, lyrical house tunes, capturing elements of dubstep and vocal trance – in a watery sort of way. One thing [...]

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European vs. North American EDM: What’s the Diff?

The proliferation of technology has made it possible for everyone around the world to create and distribute their own electronic music. There’s so much out there, it’s almost impossible to keep track of the various styles – and they morph constantly. But there are a couple of key differences, one [...]

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Top 10 EDM Websites

Electronic Dance Music has always been a bit of an underground phenomenon, with folks sharing and collaborating on musical creation, production and dissemination.  But now that the sound has infected everything from nightclubs to television commercials to half-time performances, a proliferation of informational and entertainment websites have sprung up.  Many [...]

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Chicks in EDM

You won’t believe this, but not a single woman graces the Top 100 DJs of the year listed on DJ Mag.  Given that the world’s population consists of 50% females, many of whom make music...why is there such a conspicuous absence of ladies on the DJ lists? We all know [...]

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Downtempo/Ambient – Something for Everyone?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is, not necessarily. Because downtempo is really the source of all EDM everywhere (due to its initial roots in experimental recording), by this point in time it stretches its long digital fingers into almost every musical genre.  All mainstream music production involves [...]

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