Recommended by Mike Wass of as one of the top 11 acts to see at this year’s SXSW festival in March, the Jane Doze is everyone’s new favourite chick duo.  One of their first tunes to really hit the radar was “Forever 27” – a mashup of songs by deceased musicians in that famous club – but their earlier stuff is equally witty and fun.  They’ve just released a mixtape named “Girls Talk”, free to download here.

The Jane Doze is a remix/mashup/DJ pair based in New York City.  Jen Mozenter attended University of Miami before going to New York to pursue a career as a Digital Marketing Specialist for Sony.  Claire Schlissel works in artist management for Ozone Entertainment.  They started producing music together soon after they met a couple of years ago.

You can tell Mozenter and Schlissel work day to day in the music business.  They’ve fashioned the Doze into a brand of its own with a perfectly symmetrical logo (not short on sex appeal neither), the “antlers up” symbol—fingers point upwards at the ears—and a growing list of songs that you can’t help but love.  You can download all their music for free and it all makes you point your finger-antlers.  I would probably even eat their burgers, if they made burgers part of their brand.  How catchy is that.

The Jane Doze have released their own versions of pop songs for about a year now. One of their earliest tracks, “Diamond Grenade” (Bruno Mars vs Kanye West), opens with a satisfying build and propels right into an encouraging thump that really rings in your ears and makes you want to stay.  Light, deft but deliberate mixing brings out the sweet elements of each tune in perfect sync with the others.  “Charlie Gleen” (Charlie Sheen vs Glee) grabs and plays with voice clips backed up saccharine vocals, resulting in super catchy hilarity.  Complemented by videos that unfurl a veil on pop culture imagery, tracks like “No Love Stories Without Pretty Girls” and “Born to Feel Beef” build to a lush intensity—just what we’ve been waiting for.

The Jane Doze have a way of bringing together and celebrating the best hooks of every song they mashup, evoking not only a great dance tune but also a memory of a time or feeling.  To get the feeling the Jane Doze are trying to give you, listen to “I Know Heaven is Eternal” if you’re a boy or girl who grew up in the eighties and/or if you miss Whitney even a tiny little bit.  Or listen to “Hang with Me Sweet Teenager” if you’re one of those people who’s 35 and still feels like they never got past 17.  They’ve captured the zeitgeist, is all I’m saying.

Each song has a build that doesn’t tease you too much, climbing into a solid middle that rises to a crazy climax where all the previous elements of the song are repeated intensely.  It’s pure pop artistry.  A bit Andy Warhol, I dare say. The Jane Doze are giving a view to something original and unpretentious in the world of EDM.  Whatever these musicians touch with their golden fingers, it’s going to spin up to satisfaction and more.