Graffiti, Richie Hawtin’s Support, and a New EP: Our Interview With Russian Techno Act 4Yo4u

Russian techno quartet, 4Yo4U just put out their latest work, an EP titled Ambush, last month through Refused. The Moscow-based group, made up of members Aibo, Didi, Kodek, and Key-D, formed in 2011 and has since gone onto receive support from prominent techno producers. Richie Hawtin included their tracks in [...]

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Techno Producer Ante Ujevic Talks About Recent Release ‘The Windsor Spirit EP’ with Crossfadr

Techno producer Ante Ujevic has had a prolific year, with several original releases and remixes put out since 2013. Tracks and EPs have come out through La Papillion, Selectry Rec, Klangspektrum, Consumed, Pure Beat, Deeperfect, Black Swan, and Teknologik, with his latest out through Refused. The Windsor Spirit came out [...]

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Crossfadr Interviews Belgian Techno Duo Cactus Twisters

Blending house and techno elements, Belgian duo Cactus Twisters garnered a bit of attention recently with the Temporada EP. The title track seamlessly transcends subgenre boundaries, adding a bit of a deep house groove to a minimalist techno foundation. Over the course of their career, members Jey and Ka have [...]

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Main Stage vs. Throwback Tents: Symptom of Electronic Dance Music’s Divide?

With Ultra Music Festival expanding to two weekends, the 2013 Winter Music Conference’s workshops in between, and plenty of DJ appearances at local clubs over roughly 15 days, the city’s electronic music offerings were consolidated into Miami Music Week back in March. After the panels and workshops, we hit up [...]

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Dividing Up a Genre Too Far?

“That’s some awesome tech house!” “I thought it was more progressive.” EDM is split up into intensely divisive sub-subgenres. Although fans debate whether EDM itself is a unified genre, considering the diverse range between house, dubstep, trance, electro, and Eurodance, each subgenre is split up even further. On the house [...]

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Kevin Saunderson Talks Inner City, KMS Records With Crossfadr

For many on this side of the pond, electronic dance music is new to the charts and radio, coming over here through popular European producers David Guetta and Tiesto. Yet, more than 20 years ago, such sounds originated here, and Kevin Saunderson was one of the pioneers of the Detroit [...]

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Into EDM? What to Listen to and Where to Find it!

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has a broad history that speaks to musical art forms across the world and increased technological abilities that encourage creative experimentation.  From ambient to jungle to deep electro, there are nearly as many genres of EDM as there are countries on the map!  Everyone has an [...]

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