Russian techno quartet, 4Yo4U just put out their latest work, an EP titled Ambush, last month through Refused.

The Moscow-based group, made up of members Aibo, Didi, Kodek, and Key-D, formed in 2011 and has since gone onto receive support from prominent techno producers. Richie Hawtin included their tracks in his sets at Space Ibiza and ENTER and put their first release, on digital and vinyl, through his own Minus records.

Since the spring, 4Yo4U put out two releases: “Invasion” and “minMAX.” Ambush, with three tracks “Satellite,” “Poltergeist,” and “Bubble Trouble,” followed when it was put out on September 16. As the group gets greater visibility, interviewed them by email.

4Yo4U-ambushHow did you go about creating the Ambush EP?

First of all, we used to make music for our own pleasure. We love to share our music with our friends and actually we don’t have any plans to make some special releases on special labels. We use to send our music to MINUS and Richie Hawtin first, because they let us to represent our stuff worldwide.

After our first Invasion EP, we were silent for a year and waited for a miracle, because there was big success for unknown newbie producers from Russia to release their first 5 tracks (3 of these tracks came out on vinyl) on famous label such as MINUS. During this year we recorded many new demos, and started to wait when someone invite us to play in cool places. We waited for 6 months, but nothing happened, and we used to send Richie our 8 fresh demos. Five of these demos he played right away at ENTER week 2 in his set, and after, he used to play these demos at other parties. Another three demos he didn’t play, and we think that we can try to send these demos to another label. We chose refused., because we are in good relationships with Justin James. He was surprised and enjoyed to listen for our fresh stuff.

What was your approach for creating each of the three tracks?

Our approach is never-ending experiment with our sound. We use only hardware to produce and record our new tunes. So, we always try to find out something new, unique, and original.

What plans do you have to follow up this release?

We’ve got too many demos we’ve kept in secret since we started to produce. At present, we sort and send these demos to other good labels. Our plan is to push 4Yo4U in any hole it fits to.

Have you thought about remixing other artists, and if so, who?

Yes of course. We want to remix famous Jamaican and Britain dub-masters such as King Tubby, Scientist, Jah Shaka, Mad Professor, etc.

How did you start working together?

Key-D wanted to play classic music by Korg EMX-1. Her friend Prohor gave us this device. We use to find out how to make music with this hardware. After this, Didi told us, that we invited to play at party dedicated to graffiti (we made graffiti and street-art for more than 10 years) over 2 weeks, and we must play Minimal Techno. Aibo never listened to electronic music before, so we use to figure this out. At party we met Kodek and we squeezed into his DJ-set with our EMX. Because of that (or not), guys on the dance floor started to fight. After that, we decided to play together.

How do you describe your sound?

Deep Minimal Acid Dub Techno

How do you feel about breaking into the Canadian underground scene?

We feel good, because it causes more perspectives, than Russian underground scene.

What was it like getting support from Richie Hawtin?

The most amazing feeling was when he searched for us. We left our contacts and links for our music in comments for his second post about us, and all his fans concentrated their attention on us. It feels like the whole world came into your soul. Every time we glad to find that Rich played our tracks in his sets. We hope that MINUS will release our tracks, that Richie plays during the third season of ENTER. Ibiza.

How would you describe Moscow’s dance music scene?

Moscow dance music scene is closed for new unknown producers. That’s why we interested in pushing our career across the border.

As a group, what plans do you have for the future?

The main plan is to conquer the galaxy. We are working hard for this right now.