The Serato DJ Suite: Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

You’ve probably been asked this at least once: “Traktor or Serato?” In establishing itself as one of the preeminent DJing software brands, Serato launched the Serato DJ Suite earlier in 2015. Essentially, every must-have product for your setup gets bundled together for a significantly lower cost. As the backbone, you [...]

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Serato Remote: All the Features You Know in Mobile Form

Apps specifically for DJing with an iPad have already been around for a few years. Algoriddim immediately comes to mind. Yet, there’s a need for the standard software programs to be effectively translated into tablet (and smart phone) form, and that’s where Serato Remote comes in. The first official Serato [...]

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Reloop Neon: Getting Full Access to Serato

Serato’s one of the most popular DJing software programs out there, but frankly, the regular updates, the lack of compatibility, and the compromises you make with your controller sometimes make it a pain in the neck to use. These are just some of the reasons behind the development of the [...]

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Numark NS7II Review: Versatile and Comprehensive 4-Channel Controller

Announced in January 2013, the Numark NS7II is supposedly the best controller ever built. While this statement can surely be contested (and debated, depending upon what you prefer for DJing), the NS7II certainly has a few major points going for it: one, comprehensiveness; two, quality; and three, something for everyone, [...]

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The Vestax VCI-400: The Traktor S4 Killer Arrives!

Once in a while there comes around a tabletop MIDI controller so spectacular that it makes me weep with joy. The Vestax VCI-400, with its robust variety of controls, a commanding heft and build quality, and seamless compatability with many DJ programs, is definitely one of those controllers. For almost [...]

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