Pioneer Rekordbox DJ Software

If you’re an experienced DJ, Pioneer's Rekordbox design will surely ring a bell. Its interface is incredibly similar to what you’d see while using Native Instruments’ Traktor, Virtual DJ or Serato. The approach that the developers had taken appears to be the safest and the surest one possible in their [...]

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Reloop Beatmix 4: A Good Starter Controller

Even beginner and intermediate-level DJs deserve quality gear, and Reloop, who has been introducing pieces in recent years that compete with Pioneer and Numark, has put out the Beatmix 4 for this purpose. A performance-oriented four-channel pad controller specifically for Serato DJ Intro, the Beatmix 4 presents a layout and [...]

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Reloop Neon: Getting Full Access to Serato

Serato’s one of the most popular DJing software programs out there, but frankly, the regular updates, the lack of compatibility, and the compromises you make with your controller sometimes make it a pain in the neck to use. These are just some of the reasons behind the development of the [...]

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iPro.DJSampler iPad App Review

Now, more than ever, there is a fine line between being a DJ and being a producer. In most of the DJ interviews I’ve watched on Youtube, the answer to the question “what’s next for your career” is often “work on my production.” Years ago, the key to getting to [...]

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d(- -)b iPad DJ App Review

Do you remember when Prince changed his name to a symbol and everyone referred to him as the “artist formerly known as Prince”? Well, that situation reminds me of the recent iPad DJ app from the German company “Zerodebug”. The app doesn’t really have a name, just a symbol: d(- [...]

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Stanton DJC.4 Controller Review

Any DJ, regardless of stage, knows there’s a thin but noticeably divisive line between quality and junk pieces of affordable gear. While nothing exceptional features wise, the Stanton DJC.4 Virtual DJ Digital Workstation falls into the former as the result of its design and excellent variety of MIDI controllers. Solid construction and ease of use [...]

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Pulselocker Introduces “Try Before You Buy” Music App for DJs

Although starting in January 2011, Pulselocker debuted officially on November 13, 2012 as an on-demand streaming and subscription service for DJs – the first of its kind, it proclaims. Those behind the app have combined the services of Spotify with the diversity of Beatport and iTunes and made the program [...]

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