Beatport: The Monster With No Teeth

Beatport is the monster that won’t die. Bankruptcy, relaunch after relaunch, and an ill-advised flirtation with streaming have all taken their toll on Beatport. But it’s still here. It’s still a big deal as well. Check how many big name artists shout out to Beatport when promoting their releases on [...]

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EDM Wars: Dance Music is Its Own Worst Enemy

When you’ve liked electronic music for a number of years, there comes a certain shame in listening to a mainstream dance music track. Admitting you think a certain Avicii song isn’t bad (or has a catchy melody) comes with that voice in the back of your head going, “But that’s [...]

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The Digital Revolution & Music's Shifting Landscape

Much has been written about the music industry’s downfall, it’s failure to adapt and the onset of the digital music revolution. The subsequent rise of digital music retailers has, in many ways, democratized access to electronic music that never would have made it onto the shelves of major music retailers [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of February 8

Hot Sauce EP on Mad Decent. Additionally on Mad Decent was a preview of new music to come: Diplo and Switch’s “Keep It Gully.” Expected to hit Beatport on February 18 is “Hit It!”, a collaboration from three Miami DJs GTA, Henrix, and Digital LAB. The track debuted over the [...]

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Satellite: Closer to the Record Store Experience

More DJs than you can count express the following sentiment: “Whatever happened to the record store?” In a sense, the question is rhetorical. We all know what happened: the ease and cheapness of download websites, like iTunes and Beatport, made the physical experience obsolete. Yet, the quick fix can’t compensate [...]

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Top 10 EDM Websites

Electronic Dance Music has always been a bit of an underground phenomenon, with folks sharing and collaborating on musical creation, production and dissemination.  But now that the sound has infected everything from nightclubs to television commercials to half-time performances, a proliferation of informational and entertainment websites have sprung up.  Many [...]

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Beatport Gets a Makeover

Beatport rolled out a new version of itself last May and in the process may have succeeded in creating one of the most diverse and user-friendly Mp3 download resources for DJs on the Web. Beatport has always offered greater musical diversity than sites like Stompy, that specialize exclusively in House [...]

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