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Vestax PBS-4 Web Broadcast

The Vestax PBS-4 is a tool for broadcasting captured audio live onto internet streaming services. It’s ideal for producers of internet radio shows or for webcasting live performances online. Web-based video streaming sites like UStream and Justin.tv offer quick and easy video streaming services, but capturing those performances, editing them, [...]

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Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Review

The Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 is a compact and comparatively cheap mixing console and interface that packs a variety of well-considered features. The niche of the “Live mixer / DAW interface” device has not become so common that manufacturers are auto-piloting through and just copying their competitors. There’s still a lot [...]

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Focusrite Control 2802 Review

The Focusrite Control 2802 is a 32 channel, Small-format analog mixing console with fully-integrated DAW controls. The console handles analog signals, just as a standard live mixer would, but it seamlessly integrates the Analog signals with your digital equipment. What you end up with is a mixer and a DAW [...]

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Ableton Tips, Tricks and Miscellaneous Controls

Ableton’s slightly oddball Clip View interface is a pretty unique approach to computer based music creation, it shares more in common with a hardware sampler or Groovebox. It makes sense then, that there are several controls that mirror that same setup. There’s a lot of emphasis on making your computer [...]

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MIDI Controls and Interfaces in Ableton Live

Getting Hands-On If you've ever used any other DAW or performance software, you’ll know how valuable a MIDI controller can be in creating fluidity and style when controlling your instruments. Because Ableton is meant for Live use, the addition of a MIDI controller can completely transform your Live performances. It’s possible to [...]

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Ableton Live’s Clip Envelopes

Having looked at the use of beatmatching and effects within Ableton, it’s time to check out another of its slightly esoteric editing features. The Clip Envelope editor. This quirky editor allows us to edit some deeper parameters of a sample, the way you might use an audio source editor in [...]

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