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An EDM Christmas

A major difference between most EDM and popular music is the structure. EDM is typically formulated so that it can be used in a long continuous mix, or rather, each track is constructed to act as a fragment or sting of a much larger song or audio “journey” that is [...]

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Casting A Bigger Music Collecting Net

For most of the plugged-in population, itunes (host to 28,000,000+ songs) is a one stop shop for all their music needs.  For the rest of us music addicted connoisseurs, there is no single source for music nor are there ever enough tools for building the perfect collection. The following is [...]

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Make Your Dancing Irony Free!

As the night hits its’ stride and each record I play begins to more effectively conduct the symphony of Dionysian debauchery taking place around me, I become anxious for the moment when the handful of flirty twenty somethings standing in front of the DJ booth will use their infectious energy [...]

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How does one make it as a successful DJ? Of course “success” is subjective, but the American Dream, as the Wu Tang Clan raps, is “...a dream with plans to make C.R.E.A.M.”  The acronym stands for Cash Rules Everything Around Me.  In America, cash is king, and the world’s most [...]

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Why Vinyl Is Still King

I recently spun a late night set at a discreet venue deep in the heart of the West Village.  My gracious hosts requested that I provide them with my preferred equipment requirements days before the gig so that they could be prepared for any change-overs between the DJs.  With the [...]

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Tesla Boy Interview

Tesla Boy is a Russian Synth Pop/New Wave band formed by Anton Sevidov, Dima Midborn and Poko Cox in late 2008.  Their new single, ‘Fantasy’ (released 05/22/12 on Gorby Regan Records) is equal parts retro synth, catchy pop and modern sensibility.  The dance floor friendly track clocks in at just [...]

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No Small Change: The Next Chapter of Electronic Dance Music

The question that is on the tips of every hungry investors tongue right now is can Electronic Dance Music (EDM) really make big money?  In other words, is it a “safe” investment.  Can the resurgence of EDM be boiled down to a simple formula and be capitalized on? In years [...]

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Sharing the Spotlight

How many electronic musicians, or DJs for that matter, can walk out on stage at your favorite concert venue and lay waste to your mind with their style, their swagger and their stage presence? This is not an easy task for any musician, configurable or otherwise, but historically one rocker [...]

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