A major difference between most EDM and popular music is the structure. EDM is typically formulated so that it can be used in a long continuous mix, or rather, each track is constructed to act as a fragment or sting of a much larger song or audio “journey” that is collaged together by a DJ in the mix.  While pop songs, on the other hand, are complete stories in an of themselves, like a movie or a photograph.  However, in recent years Pop vocals and structure are beginning to find their way into EDM.  As a result, EDM becomes yet another stylistic direction that any Pop music can be infused with.  This has opened the floodgates for all kinds of collaborations and remixes, some more corny than others.  Big name EDM artists are now looking to cash in on the new bridges that have been formed, Christmas music is no exception. Like bad Christmas sweaters, I have tracked down some comedic Christmas EDM for your merry making needs.  Merry Xmas!

  1. Christmas Remixed: Holiday Classics Re-Grooved – Various Artists
  2. Verve Remixed Christmas – Various Artists
  3. An Electronic Christmas: Digital Sounds of the Season – APM Holiday Ensemble
  4. Christmas Remixed: Christmas Songs and Dance House Xmas Carols Remixed
  5. Christmas In The House – Various Artists

PS. If you are looking to extend your holiday EDM cheer into your movies, I recommend the entertaining comedy thriller “GO”, a film whose plot unfolds in the days leading up to Christmas and climaxes at a Christmas Rave!  Enjoy.