Chance The Rapper is back after going under the radar following his debut The Big Day in 2019. He took to social media last week to reveal he’d be dropping a fresh new song titled “A Bar About A Bar.”

The visual, directed by Chance The Rapper himself is to be commended. At the beginning of the video, Chance had long time friend Vic Mensa who asks “what you got?” Chance responds, “I got a bar about a bar.”

The video is accompanied by an oil and acrylic painting Chance The Rapper had made with painter Nikko Washington. The painting was temporarily on display at the Art Institute of Chicago.

According to Stereogum, Aapress release states that Washington’s piece is inspired by “Abar, the First Black Superman’s unorthodox, Afro-futuristic, and surrealist depiction of racial inequality, racial integration and classism in the suburbs of white America.”

Although Chance has kept things quiet, He released a couple of new tracks called “Child of God,” which included work by the Gabonese painter Naïla Opiangah and “Wraith” also featuring Vic Mensa. Additionally, he wrote Supa Bwe’s “ACAB” single in February and recently helped Anita Baker acquire her masters.