Experimental soul duo Mahon have created a neo-diaspora traversing the ethereal sounds of Ireland and the gritty beats of suburban New York. The duo have collided into the music landscape flirting with high fashion and expressive art, conjuring a mysticism within the electronic genre.

The marriage between their organic song craft and heady electronic sounds have sparked a strong niche following which is set to explode.

Combining the luxurious vocal intonations of Irish singer, Fiona Mahon, with the beat alchemy of Jamaican American producer, Trevor Goodchilde, Mahon have drawn influences from pioneering artists such as Prince, Bjork and Grace Jones whilst tailoring and nurturing their individual and experimental brew.

Fiona is the seed of an illustrious musical family – daughter of a jazz trumpeter and trombonist, and god daughter of legendary Irish songwriter, Phil Coulter. Insatiably inhaling the spirits of classic song writing ancestors, she exhales a modernistic tapestry with the story-telling acumen of an aged griot.

Hailing from Long Island, New York – the same borough as hip-hop luminaries Public Enemy, EPMD, Eric B. and Rakim, and De La Soul, Trevor Goodchilde carefully weaves the hip hop aesthetic with his Jamaican heritage into the fabric of his cross-genre ruminations.

Surprisingly off-kilter melodies meet killer choruses. West Indian rhythms reside amongst haunting synths. Scintillating vocals explore curious prose – from the loneliness of Karl Lagerfeld, to the loss of a friend to substance abuse. Equal parts brooding and light, it’s a sound that’s familiar – yet remembers nothing at all.

Presenting their debut EP Human in late 2010 on R2/!K7 to acclaim on both sides of the pond, and play on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, the duo are currently collaborating on a range of fashion and theatre projects while working with musicians in New York and London to craft a suite of songs exploring darker, bassier sounds – set to reverberate and entice you further into their unique world.