From concert chaos to extended tour dates to new music videos, much has gone on in the way of EDM this week.

On Monday, it was reported that nine stabbings and a drug overdose occurred at a Swedish House Mafia concert in Dublin. The trio, known for hits “Save The World” and “One,” were unaware of the violence going on during their performance, but have stated they and their promoter are cooperating with the investigation.

Back in April, we mentioned that Avicii was signed on to do an advertising campaign for Ralph Lauren brand Denim & Supply. This week, a clip of his video – featuring a remix of “Levels” follow-up “Silhouettes” – was exclusively previewed by Billboard. What do you think – can house music sell worn-out jeans?

Trio Above & Beyond also released a new video this week. For Group Therapy single “On My Way To Heaven,” the video features The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo actor Steven Berkoff acting out the stream of consciousness lyrics. Watch it here.

On the same subject as music videos, Ultra Music TV made its debut late in the day on July 11. Avicii is featured in the first episode, as is Madonna, who dropped the “molly” bomb right at the start of Avicii’s Ultra 2012 performance.

Deadmau5 called out Madonna’s somewhat irresponsible ecstasy reference at Ultra this year, but right now, the “Veldt” producer has a beef with someone else – the man who burglarized his mother’s home. The producer born Joel Zimmerman wrote “mau5 is gunna find you” on his Tumblr. Think Deadmau5 is a genuine threat, or is he just going to keep pressing play until the crook comes clean?

One degree away from Deadmau5, Skrillex is undertaking another soundtrack venture. While, just a few weeks ago, his role for the music of upcoming Harmony Korine film Spring Breakers was announced, the “Bangarang” producer is veering away from the drugged-out-youth themes and, instead, toward a kid-friendly flick called Wreck-It Ralph. Skrillex might seem like the last producer you’d think would be associated with a kids’ film, but the title is an apt modifier for any track Skrillex puts out. With these two soundtrack contributions, Skrillex joins the ranks of other electronic producers like Daft Punk, Trent Reznor, Wendy Carlos, and Tangerine Dream.

On the subject of Tangerine Dream, the synthpop group, who did the soundtrack to Risky Business, is making a rare appearance at Napa’s Uptown Theater in California. Tangerine Dream, who have surprisingly been around for 45 years, are currently undergoing a tour.

For more modern EDM in a live setting, Tiesto is extending his Club Life College Invasion Tour. Starting in 2011, the tour sees the popular Dutch DJ making stops in popular college markets and added another leg for the fall. For the upcoming dates, which stretch from East to West Coasts, Tiesto begins on October 2 in Syracuse, New York and finishes up in San Diego on October 19.

If you weren’t able to make it out to Ultra or Electric Daisy Carnival, there are more chances to get your live EDM curiosity satiated before the year’s end. Along with Electric Zoo, scheduled for the end of August in New York, Sound Wave Music Festival was announced for September 29 in Arizona, Sound in Motion brings EDM to Toronto this weekend, and the Disco Biscuits’ Camp Bisco runs through the weekend.