Le Poisson Rouge is a club known to accommodate many DJs, artists and bands that are up-and-coming as well as popular artists in an ultra chill setting. The lighting is dim, but the neon lighting of the bar gives off a glow that will attract you as you come down the stairs. The small space is big enough to host great events for those in the know. The parties at Le Poisson Rouge are everything from fun to legendary to everything in between.

Last month and once again this month, More Than Enough is hosting their Saturday night events at Le Poisson Rouge. Figuring that going early (the events are supposed to start at 10 PM) is a faux pas of epic proportions; I sauntered up to the club at 11, thinking that I couldn’t possibly be the first person to come to the party. The bouncers are friendly and it was easy to get in without any hassle. If you RSVP ahead of time and show up before a certain time, the event is completely free which is probably a way that’s helping them get more people to know about it.

There was no one there. Okay, there were about three people there, but the party was obviously not even getting started. Everyone remembers junior high days when their parents dropped them off too early and they stood awkwardly waiting for everyone to arrive. This was kind of like that, people waiting around awkwardly as the DJs put on some music, but clearly held on to their best stuff for later. I went to the bathroom and went back outside.

Both Unkle Chip and DJ Sickroc are known for their More Than Enough parties. They are some of the masters of funk, reggae, hip-hop and soul music DJ sets. If you don’t like that kind of music, then this may not be a place to go. Unless of course you want to party, because they definitely know how to host a dance party that not many people know about. It’s one of those events that if you stay long enough you’ll like something that they play.

Once the drinks are poured and the line outside starts to fill in, Le Poisson Rouge is transformed by the music of these DJs and their special guests. And when there are finally more people inside, there is still enough room to get around, but the place got fairly full this past Saturday. Much like any club in NYC or any other major city, the party goes on through most of the night and people come in and out, but also dance, drink and mingle.

More Than Enough may not be for everyone, I personally couldn’t stay there all night, but I got the feel of what the fuss was about and why people keep coming back. The music offers a selection of hits that people will recognize, that they have a connection or memory to. This is definitely becoming an event that was once a secret, but is now one of the places to be on a Saturday night in NYC if the hip-hop, reggae and funk genres are what you enjoy.