Bassnectar is the kind of DJ that sells out his shows everywhere he goes. His last tour reportedly sold out in every city where he performed. For a DJ under the age of forty, he has managed to build a career that most musicians and artists would be proud of and has done it in a shorter period of time than many. Bassnectar has taken his love for music and has been lucky enough to collaborate with and remix the music of some of the hottest and most popular artists of today.

A Bassnectar show always ends up being legendary regardless of where it is happening. The Philadelphia show was not an exception. The fact that it took place at Temple University, there were obviously a lot of younger college age people, didn’t affect the night as everyone was just there to have a good time. The stadium was so crowded and full that it was hard to tell whether it was sold out, but it had to be pretty close.

The tour promotes his newest album and lasts through the end of summer 2012. Bassnectar will be working his way through the U.S. and is making stops in almost every major city with several stops in California. He even has dates lined up for Germany, France and Canada that are sure to be just as successful as his dates in America.

Bassnectar’s first opening DJ wasn’t impressive and somewhat forgettable, but the second one didn’t disappoint. New York-based A-Trak has won major worldwide DJ competitions and was definitely a highlight of the night. The scratch DJ has an impressive resume much like Bassnectar and has worked with many greats in the EDM industry as well as in other genres.

Bassnectar was of course the main event as he immediately got people on their feet with his charisma and ability to work a crowd. There’s a reason he is one of the hottest DJs around and it was obvious during this concert that it isn’t without good reason. Bassnectar performed a lot from his new album, but also mixed in older tracks. He even remixed classic Beatles and Bob Marley songs.

The reason for going to a Bassnectar show is for him and for the experience itself. Bassnectar is clearly a hardworking DJ who is good at what he does and does it well. The crowd was completely into everything he did. The light show alone was fantastic, but Bassnectar took it a step further with performers including women on stilts, Chinese style four person elephants and balloons. The performers added to the whole atmosphere and general fun of the night.

At one point Bassnectar told everybody get on someone’s shoulders and they did. He had people singing along to songs like “Lights” as the music got quiet. Whether it was songs from his previous album or the new one, Bassnectar had everyone like putty in his hands as he took them through a journey of dancing and even quiet moments. I don’t think anyone sat down in their seats once.