The Green House Vol. 1 is a compilation of 4 songs by 4 various artists put together by Green House Records as a preview for various styles of music that they represent.

The first track is Sax Sex by artist GNP. Sax Sex is an ambient tropical dance track with occasional vocal interruptions that sound like sensual whispers. The track uses sparse variation to emphasis the suave quality. Along with the whispered vocals, which suggest a very personal intimacy or subconscious connections, are the thumping bass and rare steel drum. There are enough movement changes to keep the pacing exciting. The synth horns towards the end are definitely worth listening to the entire track for.

The compilation then mixes things up with its second track Zangief by Re Disco. The track begins with a cymbal and beat boxing beat and then progresses into a funky disco mood. Here the synthesized horns are muted. Vocals come from the distance but they are mashed together and incomprehensible. Zangief builds to a stronger climax, throwing in a fierce synthesized solo in not one but two locations. The track is psychedelic and sexy.

Sing Point by Cash Side, seems to want to add on to the disco vibe of Zangief but with less success. The artist decides to use less instrumentation and the track feels filled with air. While the beat is pulsing the rest of the elements fall flat, coming off as filler to get to a climax that never comes. Following the similar styled Zangief, Sing Point unfortunately looks not as charming.

The last track, Copodecoca by Felipe Lazarini begins with the “natural” element of a soda can being opened creating the expectation of a crisp but also unique experience. The track continues atmospherically and then after a short interlude sharpens which establishes a pattern. The song progresses, comes to a smooth interlude and transitions to a more complex and rich sound, then comes to another interlude and transitions again. It successfully builds on previous aspects to keep the song interesting.

Overall a good compilation showing diverse styles and sounds, from atmospheric spaced out to funky synthesized horns. Worth listening to with the possible exception of Sing Point.