Over the past few years, Calvin Harris has seen the top of the charts on multiple occasions, scoring a handful of hits in the U.K. and reaching the peak of the Billboard 200 with Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” Already with two albums under his belt, what could be his next move? Although the Harris-produced Scissor Sisters single “Only The Horses” made its debut recently on BBC Radio 1, the Scottish producer is working on his third solo album.

Not just for the sake of cranking out a release, Harris is developing a new sound with vintage synthesizers. To Music Radar, the DJ explained he doesn’t want to mimic everyone else and, for this upcoming release, he’s employing a Roland Juno-106 and Korg MS20. He said: “I think the main thing I’ve tried to do with this album is not cover the same old ground. It’s still sounding quite epic, but that whole ‘I’m Not Alone’ thing has been done to death.

“Loads of people have jumped on that sound. I want to do something different. I want to challenge myself and feel in danger of messing up. Sometimes, you need to do that to get the best out of yourself.”

What do you think Harris’ third album could sound like?

While Harris has spent the last year putting together this release, remixing, producing, and touring have cut into his studio time. No release date, so far, is set for the album.

Tracks like “I’m Not Alone” created a resurgence in ‘80s synth appropriation, so if Harris is still using vintage equipment for this album, how is it different from his first two releases? In his interview with Music Radar, he explained that his first release, I Created Disco, was primarily recorded on an Amiga in his bedroom, but once the album was finished, he switched to Logic and a Mac.