On Lone’s Crystal Caverns 1991 the single is all about building sounds. From the steel drums that start the track off, to the interspersed vocals that occasionally interject. The track is reminiscent of an earlier period of dance, while still nodding to contemporary sound.

While you may not feel like dancing from the onset, the warm tropical sounds will eventually get your whole body moving, and the brief vocals will make your dance into a workout. When the track says go you feel like shooting your limbs outward. It’s a song to make you dance and sweat.

In contrast, Vulcan Mill Acid starts off on a high. The steel drum is still around, but it’s relegated to the background and the song uses it as a supporting piece. Lone assumes that you’re already in the zone, moving your body and feeling the music. He doesn’t have to convince you to start dancing anymore, but only to sustain that groove that you have going.

Overall the EP works at creating upbeat and even sunny music. It evokes images of beautiful people dancing in airy clothing.