One glance at the music videos for EDM, and the one thing that is quite apparent is the beautiful selection of models. Usually you’ve got the DJ or producer in the video doing his thing on the turntables. Then you look out into the crowd and see a bunch of models dancing, having fun, and just doing their job, looking hot.

There is nothing wrong with having beautiful models parading around and having the time of their life, but it sends the message that EDM is a male dominated arena.  The only presence of women is when they are either a model or singing on the track, but that isn’t the reality of the EDM scene. There are female DJ’s out there that are killing it on the turntables and making crowds go crazy, but you seldom hear about those leading ladies of EDM.

The leading ladies of EDM are fierce young women that are technically trained and could “out DJ” some of the best male DJ’s in the EDM scene.  They may not get much coverage or recognition in the mainstream EDM circuit, but female DJ’s aren’t a mysterious myth. They exist. You just have to do some research to find them.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of females out there that do more than singing on EDM tracks. The first time I ever saw a female DJ was when I had the pleasure of going to Ultra Nate’s monthly Deep Sugar event in Baltimore, Maryland. I was completely shocked when I walked into the club and saw a female not just singing on the mic, but giving shout outs and spinning the turntables in a state of euphoria.

Ultra Nate

I had no idea that there would be a female DJ there that night, but Lisa Moody rocked the crowd with her effortless mixing of deep and soulful house tracks. Ultra Nate even got on the decks and did her thing for a while. It was on my first night at Deep Sugar I was reminded that there is a lot of leading ladies in the EDM scene who have earned respect as DJ’s. They’ve gained the respect within the underground circuits, but you just don’t see them in the mainstream circuit often.

But I think there is beginning to be a shift in the way female DJs are being portrayed. They aren’t just these females that know how to look sexy and play around with the DJ equipment. Female DJ’s in EDM scene are technically trained. They know what they are doing, they know the equipment, and they know how to rock the crowd.

Maya Jane Coles

One of my favorite leading ladies in the EDM scene is Maya Jane Coles. The 24-year-old DJ from London has been known for creating such infectious deep house tracks that move your mind, body, and tease your soul. She is most known for her track “What They Say,” but she has more than a handful of house & dubstep tracks that are crafted with upmost precision.

Nina Kraviz

Maya Jane Coles is just one of the many young female DJ’s within the EDM scene. She, like many of the other leading ladies, are letting fans know that you can still be unique, sexy, and be a beast when it comes to production & mixing. Maya Jane Coles isn’t the only female on the scene, but other leading ladies such as Cassy, Deniz Kurtel, Steffi, Nina Kraviz, Anja Schneider, and Jennifer Cardini are fierce ladies that know how to rock a crowd.  Not only are these ladies fabulous, but also they know how to take a dull party and make it the EDM event of a lifetime. Now that is how it’s done!

Cassy Britton