Trance 2.0: Harder, Darker, Faster, Stronger

If you haven’t noticed (and there’s a pretty good chance you have), trance music has fallen into a dichotomy of sorts in recent years. On one hand, vocal styles dominate the Beatport ranks and SiriusXM radio play. On the other, a darker, harder sonic palette – sometimes called trouse, sometimes [...]

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A State of Trance: Has This EDM Subgenre Hit a Dead End?

If there’s any aspect of electronic music that’s consistent, it’s the ebb and flow of genres, some reaching the apex of visibility and others falling onto the backburner. Sounds evolve and spawn other genres or subgenres, and certain styles become passé, even dormant for years, only to emerge in a [...]

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Dividing Up a Genre Too Far?

“That’s some awesome tech house!” “I thought it was more progressive.” EDM is split up into intensely divisive sub-subgenres. Although fans debate whether EDM itself is a unified genre, considering the diverse range between house, dubstep, trance, electro, and Eurodance, each subgenre is split up even further. On the house [...]

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Into EDM? What to Listen to and Where to Find it!

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has a broad history that speaks to musical art forms across the world and increased technological abilities that encourage creative experimentation.  From ambient to jungle to deep electro, there are nearly as many genres of EDM as there are countries on the map!  Everyone has an [...]

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