Graffiti, Richie Hawtin’s Support, and a New EP: Our Interview With Russian Techno Act 4Yo4u

Russian techno quartet, 4Yo4U just put out their latest work, an EP titled Ambush, last month through Refused. The Moscow-based group, made up of members Aibo, Didi, Kodek, and Key-D, formed in 2011 and has since gone onto receive support from prominent techno producers. Richie Hawtin included their tracks in [...]

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Plastikman Makes a Tepid Return With ‘EX’

As a DJ, Richie Hawtin has the power to keep the crowd interested with a subtle change – switching an accent from an on-the-beat rhythm to one that’s off, transitioning from a duple to triplet rhythm, or just intensifying the sound slightly, for example. Hawtin’s on-again-off-again Plastikman project captures these [...]

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Main Stage vs. Throwback Tents: Symptom of Electronic Dance Music’s Divide?

With Ultra Music Festival expanding to two weekends, the 2013 Winter Music Conference’s workshops in between, and plenty of DJ appearances at local clubs over roughly 15 days, the city’s electronic music offerings were consolidated into Miami Music Week back in March. After the panels and workshops, we hit up [...]

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BBC Radio 1’s Stories Explores Usage and History of Roland 808, 909, and 303 Drum Machines

There’s too much to say about the three most definitive drum machines – the Roland TR-808, TR-909, and TB-303 – to condense into an hour. That’s not to say Kutski, the host of BBC Radio 1’s Stories: 808s, 303s and 909s, doesn’t attempt to. Although scatterbrained and going off on [...]

Beat Education: Bringing the “Other” Side of Electronic Music to the Masses

This past fall brought two innovative DJ tours to North America. While, ordinarily, the concept of Richie Hawtin or Boys Noize playing a string of U.S. and Canadian dates is nothing extraordinary, particularly considering the quick rise of the genre stateside, both performers set out with similar agendas: To teach [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of January 18

Over the past week, one trance artist announced his mission to push the genre forward, while a debut single shows that collaboration, even when several thousand miles separate you, is still possible. And, continuing the “good” versus “bad” EDM Twitter debates of last week, Sasha calls newer producers “douchebags.” Announced [...]

EDM News Roundup: Week of January 11

The past week was filled with multiple concert and show announcements. Perhaps the largest was Ultra Music Festival. For those not up to date, the EDM festival celebrating its 15th anniversary now expanded to two weekends. The lineup was revealed last Friday, and features the usual crew: Tiesto, Carl Cox, [...]

Innovative Approaches to Performing Electronic Music

“It’s dull, boring.” “Just a guy pushing buttons.” “What am I supposed to be looking at?” How many times have you heard the above sentiments used to describe an electronic music performance? No matter if a synthpop act triggers samples from an Emulator II or DJs at Electric Daisy Carnival [...]

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When EDM Isn’t Released Through a Dance Music Label

When most think of electronic dance music labels, the larger names like Ultra and Ministry of Sound automatically pop up. Then, there are the efforts started by the producers and DJs themselves, some successful like Armada and others, like Sasha’s EmFire, operating on a smaller or entirely producer-exclusive scale. But, [...]

EDM News Roundup: Week of September 28

This past week featured announcements of multiple festivals and tours, from Richie Hawtin’s CNTRL to Jesse Saunders’ Pure House Music Festival, along with new releases. In addition to that, Skrillex was thought to be dead, but this internet hoax shows that, once again, you can’t trust everything you read online. [...]

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