When “Play” is More Than Pressing a Button: Live EDM Acts

In recent months, the button pushing myth of making EDM came under fire, with Deadmau5 revealing many prominent festival performers essentially mime on stage. Yet, while the genre’s more well-known festivals are filled with DJs, authentically mixing or just pressing a laptop spacebar, electronic music has a long live tradition. [...]

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A State of Trance: Has This EDM Subgenre Hit a Dead End?

If there’s any aspect of electronic music that’s consistent, it’s the ebb and flow of genres, some reaching the apex of visibility and others falling onto the backburner. Sounds evolve and spawn other genres or subgenres, and certain styles become passé, even dormant for years, only to emerge in a [...]

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Just Say No to Pop Star Collaborations?

EDM, in the present, has perhaps reached an apex. Producers, regardless of subgenre, now find themselves in a precarious situation: collaborate with a pop star or stay true to your roots? Not all collaborations are equal, however. House and trance, for years, have featured singers, but including a name results [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of August 17

This week, electronic music gets political. More specifically, as the election looms just months ahead, President Obama is going after the EDM vote with a “DJs for Obama” ad that features DJ Cassidy, Steve Aoki, and Adam 12 of She Wants Revenge. If you can feel the beat, can you [...]

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