Nu-Disco: Do Ya Dig It?

The indie dance movement is having its hey-day right about now.  The fusion of punk, rock, disco, new wave and electronic body music has fuelled a modern crusade of catchy, infectious and intelligent tunes.  As with all EDM nowadays, this means you can come across a lot of tripe out [...]

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Disco meets EDM in “Caméleon Chameleon & Starlight”

Contemporary disco (or “Nu-Disco”) is a genre of which many American EDM-listeners may not be aware. The term was coined as early as 2002 by record stores and online vendors and referred to European electronic artists who took influence from 1970’s American Disco. Today, Nu-Disco is most widely recognized in [...]

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Midnight Magic – What the Eyes Can't See

Midnight Magic, formed in 2006, tries to capture soul and bravado on their latest EP, What the Eyes Can't See. This EP is a homage to early 70's disco and horn driven dance tracks. What the Eyes Can't See balances the necessary elements without becoming a parody or joke. The [...]

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