What’s in a Name?

Antithetical conflicts have mired the rise of electronic dance music. Too much pop sounds and collaborations, attention to the wrong releases, and just press a space bar assumptions play off the popularity a genre long underground is now experiencing. The latest issue? What, exactly, to call the genre. A snipe [...]

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No Small Change: The Next Chapter of Electronic Dance Music

The question that is on the tips of every hungry investors tongue right now is can Electronic Dance Music (EDM) really make big money?  In other words, is it a “safe” investment.  Can the resurgence of EDM be boiled down to a simple formula and be capitalized on? In years [...]

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Denver, Colorado: The Next EDM Mecca?

Denver, Colorado…a beautiful city nestled against a grand mountain range deep within the Midwest. Boasting a semi-arid climate with dark blue skies and great scenery, it’s the perfect destination for a growing family. Mom and dad can find great jobs if they excel in the natural sciences field since petroleum oil is huge here. [...]

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