Is Trap Music Still Relevant?

Trap music – the EDM variety that emerged last year with Baauer’s “Harlem Shake,” and not the hip-hop style that’s been around for roughly 20 years – has reached a fork in the road. No longer moving on a straight path slightly below mainstream EDM, the subgenre blending Southern hip-hop [...]

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Robostep: Breaking Off from Dubstep With Lasers, Synths, Robotic Sounds

The latest EDM subgenre with expanding diasporas is dubstep. Previously, we covered the changing sound of the genre known as “post-dubstep,” but outside sounds are mingling with the latest incarnation of bass music. When lasers, robotic samples, and synths end up in the mix, it’s called “robostep,” which recently came [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of August 10

One controversial statement defined this week – and not one from Deadmau5. For those of you unaware, Skrillex produced Korn’s latest album, and now the nu-metal band’s frontman Jonathan Davis mentioned that "North American dubstep is the new electronic heavy metal. It's the filthier, the better in that world, and [...]

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Dividing Up a Genre Too Far?

“That’s some awesome tech house!” “I thought it was more progressive.” EDM is split up into intensely divisive sub-subgenres. Although fans debate whether EDM itself is a unified genre, considering the diverse range between house, dubstep, trance, electro, and Eurodance, each subgenre is split up even further. On the house [...]

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Drop the Pop: Dubstep Elements in Pop Songs

House and trance elements have already infiltrated Top 40 pop songs, so it’s about time that dubstep is given a try. Justin Bieber’s latest single “As Long As You Love Me” highlights the gradual influence of dubstep in pop music but also brings attention to the flaws of merging these [...]

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Given the rise to prominence of Dubstep in recent years, it’s to be expected that the heavy, dark, bass-drop style has begun to inform a whole bunch of what’s out there in EDM.  DJs everywhere are incorporating the quick-zip and slow crunch into their mixes, along with halting grinds and [...]

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Bassnectar Thrills in Philly

Bassnectar is the kind of DJ that sells out his shows everywhere he goes. His last tour reportedly sold out in every city where he performed. For a DJ under the age of forty, he has managed to build a career that most musicians and artists would be proud of [...]

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