What Makes an “EDM Hit”?: Defining Dance Music Success in 2014

Mixmag recently put out a list of four “big room house” albums that are expected to be huge hits this summer. Although the list excluded Deadmau5’s While (1<2) and Calvin Harris’ follow-up to 18 Months, the dance music publication coined one term: “EDM Blockbuster.” Just days after Mixmag’s article, La [...]

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Is All Of This Equipment Necessary?

One of the most frequently asked questions among new producers and DJs or veterans just looking to upgrade their gear is “should I get *fill in the blank* and why?” The problem is, it seems like there is always something else to get – a new model of something, a [...]

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Dance, Dance, Dance on the Radio?

Digital music’s takeover resulted in the record store’s demise – a downside on the hand for DJs, as it takes away the experience for finding a new record, but puts thousands of new tracks at his fingertips. But digital files didn’t just obliterate this once-keystone aspect of listening to music [...]

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No More Mainstream: What AFTER Las Vegas’ DJ List Could Mean

Arguing over whether top EDM producers are true DJs has become a cliché at this point; at large scale events slanted toward “mainstream” audiences, producers and their labels expect exposure, festival promoters want money-making performers, and audience members respond better to familiarity. Still this overall amalgamation has spread across top-tier [...]

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EDM Wars: Dance Music is Its Own Worst Enemy

When you’ve liked electronic music for a number of years, there comes a certain shame in listening to a mainstream dance music track. Admitting you think a certain Avicii song isn’t bad (or has a catchy melody) comes with that voice in the back of your head going, “But that’s [...]

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