Is Boiler Room actually boring?

Since it started in London back in 2010, Boiler Room has changed the face of dance music. Through genius marketing and use of social media, it’s given underground DJs who previously played to tens of people, an audience of millions. It’s provided the cream of underground dance music to everyone, [...]

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NEW: Pioneer DJ’s DJM-S9 Serato DJ Mixer

The new DJM-S9 two-channel mixer for Serato DJ puts the power of personalisation in your hands, with a fast, accurate and customisable crossfader, plus Performance Pads and FX buttons that you can map to suit your preferences. The mixer delivers plug-and-play integration with Serato DJ's four decks and boasts DVS [...]

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Allen & Heath’s Xone:43C: Quality Analog Mixer With Excellent Digital Features

Back in April, Allen & Heath announced the Xone:43 and Xone:43C mixers. The former is an analog-only mixer built for a range of skill levels, while the latter expands upon this framework with USB functionality, X:LINK capabilities, the ability to handle the Serato DJ Club Kit, and a DVS option [...]

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So, Is Deep House Mainstream Now?

Deep house is one of those dance music subgenres that you just don’t touch. Its origins and 30-year history have carved out a firm place in the genre’s pantheon of come-and-go styles, never truly hitting mainstream in the U.S. but outlasting practically any trend. If it’s classic dance music you’re [...]

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Why Does a DJ/Producer Need an Alter Ego?

For many mainstream performers prior to 2010, careers arched from the highly-sought after club residency to the single topping the Beatport charts to finally making it to the main stage at a major festival like Electric Daisy Carnival or Ultra. But throughout this decade’s long path, one factor remained: The [...]

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Plastikman Makes a Tepid Return With ‘EX’

As a DJ, Richie Hawtin has the power to keep the crowd interested with a subtle change – switching an accent from an on-the-beat rhythm to one that’s off, transitioning from a duple to triplet rhythm, or just intensifying the sound slightly, for example. Hawtin’s on-again-off-again Plastikman project captures these [...]

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Where Them Girls At?: What Factors Hold Women Back in Electronic Dance Music?

Women are making headway in dance music, both through mainstream and underground roads, but a recent report from THUMP highlights that there’s still much to be done. THUMP examined 2014 festival lineups, noting the number of actual female performers on the bills for Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo, Mysteryland USA, [...]

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What Makes an “EDM Hit”?: Defining Dance Music Success in 2014

Mixmag recently put out a list of four “big room house” albums that are expected to be huge hits this summer. Although the list excluded Deadmau5’s While (1<2) and Calvin Harris’ follow-up to 18 Months, the dance music publication coined one term: “EDM Blockbuster.” Just days after Mixmag’s article, La [...]

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