Should Mainstream Dance Music Producers Criticize EDM?

Remember after the second Transformers movie hit theaters, actress Megan Fox went to the press to call director Michael Bay “Hitler”? Fox’s foot-in-mouth approach seriously cut into her career, and these days, she’s better known as being Brian Austin Green’s wife than actually doing anything. So what does this have [...]

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My Totally Obscure Dub-Glitch-Tech-Bahton is Better Than Your [Insert Mainstream Subgenre]: Elitism in EDM

We’ve all been on both ends of music elitism – and not just in the electronic dance music community. For those of us interested in electronic music and have been at least a casual fan, there likely has been at least one instance in which you likely witnessed someone tell [...]

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EDM – The Acronym That Shall Not Be Named

By this point, you’ve likely heard about the three electronic music festivals coming to Detroit in mid 2014. Movement – the successor in name to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, or simply DEMF – returns from May 24 to 26, while DEMF has been resurrected as a free event. A [...]

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Does EDM Have The Solution for Combating Leaks?

For EDM, entering the “mainstream” music sphere officially over the last two years has come with a few exhilarating peaks, like earning a top Billboard 200 hit, and seemingly perilous lows, such as sales and accolades heaped on David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and other producers who put out half-assed pop [...]

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(Maybe) All EDM Sounds the Same

Another day, another Deadmau5 rant. At times, from the pictures of his cat to random digs at Avicii, Deadmau5’s complaints morph into whining, but at others, he makes a decent argument. The latest is his beef with Afrojack, which culminated in toss-off track “Drop Da Bomb.” After telling the Dutch [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of January 25

If you thought that the perception of electronic music’s fans couldn’t get any worse, think again. One of the news highlights this week comes from a scientific study claiming EDM, along with rock and hip-hop, is a factor in juvenile delinquency. Multiple releases came out or were announced this week, [...]

1 Million Subscribers and Counting: Which EDM YouTube Channels Should You Be Watching?

When we think social media, Facebook and Twitter are often the first platforms to come to mind. But, for DJs, producers, and musicians, YouTube, as a platform for previewing songs and videos and often for streaming new music, is a must. Practically all electronic dance music artists have a YouTube [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of January 11

The past week was filled with multiple concert and show announcements. Perhaps the largest was Ultra Music Festival. For those not up to date, the EDM festival celebrating its 15th anniversary now expanded to two weekends. The lineup was revealed last Friday, and features the usual crew: Tiesto, Carl Cox, [...]

DJ vs. DJ: Collaborations That Work (And Those That Don’t)

Right at the end of October, Steve Aoki and duo Knife Party announced on MTV a collaboration, a “phat” track called “Pile Driver.” Although the track is set for official release in early 2013, both acts are already including it in their setlists. Of course, over the years EDM has [...]

Production Over Playlists: Does Track Selection Still Matter?

Repetition is no stranger to electronic dance music. Reoccurring themes pepper tracks, while loops lull familiar material over a 4/4 beat. Even with keys modulating, the pattern of intervals remains unchanged in a four-minute span. Yet, beyond the elements of individual tracks, repetition has seeped into another aspect of dance [...]

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