EDM in 2013: The Best and The Worst

What happens when something that rises gets to a peak? It can either go down or stay at a plateau. That sums up 2013 for electronic dance music – some trends went forward, some backwards, some business deals that once looked auspicious went sour, and European crossover festivals that seemed [...]

Does EDM Have The Solution for Combating Leaks?

For EDM, entering the “mainstream” music sphere officially over the last two years has come with a few exhilarating peaks, like earning a top Billboard 200 hit, and seemingly perilous lows, such as sales and accolades heaped on David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and other producers who put out half-assed pop [...]

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Four Reasons Producers’ Own Podcasts Are EDM’s Best-Kept Secret

Within the subject of mainstream EDM festivals, it’s practically a cliché now to talk about how nearly every producer or DJ on stage goes through the same tracks. There’s no air of experimentation, no sense of adventure during a set list, and certainly no moment that makes you go, “What [...]

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What’s Up With Those Beats?: 7 of the Strangest EDM Collaborations

Over the past month, two less typical collaborations surfaced on iTunes and Beatport: “Out of Sight,” between the Bloody Beetroots and Paul McCartney, and “Wake Me Up,” an effort with Avicii and singer Aloe Blacc. While the former has received generally positive reviews and saw its video come out this [...]

Returning to the Future: Why Electronic Music is About to Step Backward into Retro Purgatory

Discussions concerning the future of electronic dance music typically cover two aspects: DJing technology and how to promote it. Up-to-date social media knowledge, really, defines the former, while the latter, as we saw back at the 2013 Winter Music Conference, has evolved beyond the turntable-versus-laptop debate to the sounds the [...]

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Six Degrees of Daft Punk: Is “Get Lucky” The Start of a New Disco Revival?

By now, you’ve heard Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” the initial single from their first studio album since 2005. With its slowed down tempo, upbeat character, and prominent guitar groove, “Get Lucky” – and Daft Punk’s upcoming album Random Access Memories, out May 21 in the U.S. – has served as [...]

When Is It Ever Acceptable for a Pop Star to Steal from a Dance Music Producer?

Will.i.am is, perhaps, the most repugnant person in the modern EDM cannon – even more so than David Guetta, whom the Black Eyed Peas rapper introduced to this side of the Atlantic. Bad lyrics supported by clichéd house beats and an undeserved spot on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Songs Chart give EDM [...]

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Crowdsourcing Music: Growing Trend Hits EDM

Just look at record sales – it’s no secret that record companies and the traditional approach to making and promoting music are becoming obsolescent. In place are digital technologies, with multiple properties working together: Facebook and Twitter to build the fanbase, Soundcloud (and Myspace, at one point) to get the [...]

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EDM News Roundup: Week of March 1

Miami Music Week, which, for 2013, includes the Winter Music Conference and two weekends of the Ultra Music Festival, is less than a month away. Although WMC’s schedule is up, the major artists present at the week have their own events planned, and announcements are coming in. What’s in store [...]

EDM News Roundup: Week of January 11

The past week was filled with multiple concert and show announcements. Perhaps the largest was Ultra Music Festival. For those not up to date, the EDM festival celebrating its 15th anniversary now expanded to two weekends. The lineup was revealed last Friday, and features the usual crew: Tiesto, Carl Cox, [...]

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