Numark’s Sexy NS6

Competition among DJ controllers is really hotting up lately. From the cheap and highly portable, like Vestax’s Spin to Allen & Heath’s monstrous Xone:DX, every manufacturer even remotely engaged in DJ tech seems to have an offering for us these days. It’s a fast-moving scene, too, so despite the sheer [...]

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iDJ App by Numark Review

iDJ App by Numark, brings a new twist to the notion that anyone with a zest for music and an IPad can rock a party. While other all-in-one DJ applications aspire to simplify beat matching, effects processing, and recording, iDJ attempts to give the user a crockpot approach to cooking [...]

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Touch DJ Evolution Review

Touch DJ Evolution by Amidio for iPad boasts an ability to provide a seamless platform for visual mixing.  The application’s design prioritizes performance over any likeness to an analog DJ setup.  This is particularly apparent when it comes to pre-cueing.  While other all-in-one DJ applications attempt to handle pre-cueing through [...]

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DJ Tech X10 Review

You don't see many 2 channel DJ mixers on the market nowadays. With all the controllers for DVS software's, there isn't a real market for them. However, DJ Tech is on a different page, and the release of the DJ Tech X10 proves that the marriage between analog and digital [...]

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It’s “all about aligning incentives between DJs, recording artists and music fans.” It deifies the mixtape, exalting the streaming content it hosts as the 21st century incarnation of every urbane music fan’s favorite adolescent pastime. Behind the screen, it offers a framework for DJs, promoters and venues to interact and [...]

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DJ World Studio iPad App Review

DJ World Studio by Little Worlds Studio provides an all-in-one DJ interface that resemblance to the controls of Pioneer’s CDJ class of turntables. The app has a comprehensive line of features that set it apart from its competitors. Several effects, loop settings, and an EQ on the face of the [...]

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