Conductr iPad Controller For Ableton Live: Review

More and more iPad controllers for Ableton are appearing all the time. Conductr is a new offering that claims to stand out from the crowd in that it is specifically designed for live performance. It certainly does have an elegant and intuitive interface that appears well suited to being used [...]

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Djay 2 iPad App by Algoriddim

Almost a year ago, I wrote a review of the very popular djay iPad app by Algoriddim. I really enjoyed the app and had very few complaints, so naturally I had high expectations for djay 2 when it was released in July. Although the update to the app isn’t completely [...]

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iPro.DJSampler iPad App Review

Now, more than ever, there is a fine line between being a DJ and being a producer. In most of the DJ interviews I’ve watched on Youtube, the answer to the question “what’s next for your career” is often “work on my production.” Years ago, the key to getting to [...]

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Novation Launchpad iPad App

Most DJs are already familiar with Novation, the company behind the extremely popular “Dicer” midi controllers. In addition to Dicers, Novation also has a healthy offering of other midi controllers including the Launchkey, Impulse, Twitch mixer, and Launchpad. Recently, the Launchpad controller was used as inspiration for an iPad app [...]

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