Cerwin-Vega created a definitive product line with its P Series last year, and as of this past summer, they expanded it with the P1000X, a two-way, bi-amped full-range bass-reflex speaker.

Out of the P-Series, this new model resembles the P1500X the most. Although smaller in size, and thus more portable, it offers a 10-inch woofer and a high-frequency compression driver powered by a Class D amplifier. At 1000 watts, it’s one of the strongest speakers of its type.

As a big selling point, one design aspect introduced with the P1500X – the hemi-conical PET HF horn – remains in place here. While ideal for higher frequencies, its stretched out oval – 90 degrees by 65 degrees with both models – creates a wider dispersion. Ultimately, this means that the sound coming out is the same, no matter where you stand in a space, and is clear, crisp, and free of distortion.

Beyond this established foundation, the P1000X has a few other definitive aspects, we found. Specifically, it features Enhanced EQ, VEGA Bass boost, and High-Pass Filters – all functions that assist with getting the right tuning and sound you want for any application.

This combination of features proves to benefit the performer – a DJ, a small band, or even someone giving a speech. For one, the P1000X remains consistent at even the highest output levels, all while providing decent range and response. The Class D design results in minimal heat gain.

In terms of usage, it offers a three-channel mixer on the back: Specifically, separate Neutrik™ XLR/TRS inputs on channels 1 and 2, a mic/line switch to accommodate various signal sources, and 2 by ¼-inch TS inputs on channel 3. All have their own level knobs. This combination – with XLR Thru jacks on channels 1 and 2 and an XLR mix output on the third – allows the user to send a mono mix to a sub- or second-powered speaker. The device brings together all three with adjustable mix controls, and from there, the P1000X runs the signal nearly instantly to another speaker or a recording input.


The EQ and VEGA Bass boost switches provide more ways to fine-tune your sound. The EQ adjusts the contour of the general frequency response, giving more emphasis to the mid-range and high frequencies without feedback. This proves to be especially helpful to a DJ when an external mixer isn’t available.

Along with the speaker’s features, Cerwin-Vega constructed the P1000X with a sturdy design. The key components are housed in a polymer cabinet with a flush waveguide, with an 18-gauge perforated steel grille protecting the more fragile components.

Beyond this, what stands out is the patented 35mm pole socket for mounting and suspending the speaker. The socket lets you attach it directly to a pole; the user can then rotate it so that the P1000X is solidly in place. As a result, you don’t get that dreaded rattling noise, and you won’t find the speaker start to turn.

Of course, while this feature is certainly helpful and convenient, it’s not the only way to set up the P1000X. The design’s durable and dependable enough to sit vertically or horizontally on a stand, floor, or even trusses.

As far as performance is concerned, the P1000X really can’t be beat for its size, lightweight yet sturdy design, and portability. It packs the same big bass punch Cerwin-Vega has come to be known for, all while having an equally-strong high frequency – a quality Gibson has emphasized since unveiling the P-Series at the 2013 Winter Music Conference. The sound, no matter if you’ve got this in a DJ booth, are using it for vocals or instruments, or have it for sound reinforcement with other monitors, is always natural and one of the most direct and honest you’ll get.

When Cerwin-Vega announced this model back in March, the company positioned it as a monitor that complements the P1800SX and the P1500X. And while it provides your larger monitor with that necessary reinforcement for bigger venues and spaces, the P1000X gives enough power to work on its own. If you’re a mobile DJ who needs something light yet powerful and strong enough but not overpowering for the smaller venues where you perform, the P1000X hits all of these marks.