When you review as much DJing, production, and performing gear as Crossfadr does, there are pieces that are good and serviceable and there are others that make you go “Wow, who invented this?!” – in a good way, obviously. Cerwin-Vega’s P-Series P1500X and P1800SX powered speakers fall into this latter category.

We were first introduced to these products back at the 2013 Winter Music Conference in March, with the P1500X receiving most of the presentation’s focus. Gibson Pro Audio presenter B-Side claimed the speaker created a “smoother, louder vocal range that doesn’t tear your ear off” and highlighted the wide dispersion from a Hemi-Conical PET (Mylar like) HF horn for this purpose. As Cerwin-Vega is known for their bass range products, the presenters were quick to note that the speaker is ideal for higher frequencies.

p1500x_backYet, beyond this expansion past Cerwin-Vega’s comfort range, the P1500X featured one particularly unique aspect: a stretched-out oval (90 degrees by 65 degrees) instead of a circle for wider dispersion. This facet is likely one of the reasons the P-Series is the strongest set of speakers we have heard in a while.

On the surface, the P-Series is ideal for the DJ – portable, extremely durable, and with top-notch sound quality. Both products are constructed to last while delivering excellent – dare I say, practically unheard of – clarity and unmatched bass. As much as B-Side emphasized the high-frequency superiority, the P-Series still retains its – and Cerwin-Vega’s – bass-range distinction.

On a specific level, the P1500X is a two-way, bi-amplified, full-range, bass-reflex speaker equipped with a 15-inch woofer. Along with this, the active speaker includes a high-frequency compression driver, 1500W custom Class-D amp power, its hemi-conical horn, VEGA BASS boost, high-pass filters, and a built-in three-channel mixer with I/O connections and enhanced EQ.

p1800sx_backOffering superior low-level response, the P1800SX, as a powered subwoofer, comes equipped with a different set of features. Each includes an 18-inch woofer, a custom 2000w Class-D Amp, high-quality bass punch, frequency-shaping controls, the VEGA BASS boost, a built-in limited with LED indicator, and THRU and MIX output options allowing for excellent system expandability and daisy chain connections. The woofer and amplifier are housed in a hardwood cabinet.

There are essentially two reasons the P-Series is a must product for DJs. One, the system is very easy-to-use and versatile. This means the portable speakers can come along for any gig, from an outdoor festival to a club show, and deliver reliable, high-quality performance. Within the range of sound reinforcement applications Cerwin-Vega recommends, public speaking is even included.

Two, the quality is excellent, and from the amount of gear we review each year, we have yet to hear such speakers that deliver at the level the P-Series does. While Cerwin-Vega seems to be hammering home its excellent high-end frequencies, the products deliver just as well in the bass range, providing a clear sound.

The fact is, the P-Series isn’t an either-or product. The bass range – if this is what you’re desiring – provides the punch you’re looking for, while, with this product, Cerwin-Vega makes high-end frequencies equally worthwhile and clear.