Often times, too much attention is focused on the wrong things. Perhaps, it is due to lack of knowledge or perhaps it is due to complete ignorance splashed with a greater than the averaged sized ego. But whatever the reason may be, it’s about time to re-focus on the right things that can actually help you in your DJing career.

Let me walk you through the career of DJ XXX, I won’t take long and neither does his career!

DJ XXX wants to become and international DJ. He wants everything that comes with it; the fame, the fortune and having the steady flow of attention from his female fans doesn’t make him want it any less.  DJ XXX wants it bad, wants it fast and will do anything to get this.

What he does know is he needs to put a great first impression out in the online world. So he gets his very own DJ logo, plasts that on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube and Instagram. He also thinks no one will give two shits if he doesn’t look like many people like him in the first place. Instead of working on building relationships with the small fan base he does have and grow organically, he jumps the gun and buys 10,000 likes for his Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube and Instagram accounts for less than a purchase of the Top 10 releases on Beatport. (and of course, this is all that DJ XXX plays!)

So now DJ XXX is all set with his 10,000 fans, he thinks he looks great in the eyes of booking agents and promoters from across the globe. But there’s a thing about booking agents, if people aren’t talking about DJ XXX they know damn well he won’t get booked and it isn’t worth their time.

And the thing about promoters? They need to know their people are talking about DJ XXX or show a high demand for him otherwise they’ll delete those emails with “DJ XXX Now Accepting Dates” in the subject lines.

Above all, these people don’t tend to make poor decisions or careless mistakes without researching DJ XXX. They’ll see right through his bullshit.

Instead of relying on shady practices that take you nowhere, here’s what you can do to improve likelihood of getting booked in a different city, country or continent and blow DJ XXX out of the water if you have a booking agent or not.

Everything changes when we stop thinking about how to get ahead or skip steps, and focus instead on building consistent, repetitive creative habits and connections.

Reach out to DJs or producers from that area that have the same type of sound as you. By offering to collaborate on a project together or feature them in your blog, podcast or Youtube channel you are making that initial contact about them and not about you.

Promote other DJs or producers from that area. They have felt the restricting reigns of self-promotion and how it’s largely ineffective. Give them some props and be generous. It’s easy to lose sight of that when your primary focus is on crafting a DJ image, building a DJ brand, or just protecting your professional turf. Helping others by promoting their success is one reason to be taken seriously and gain respect; as an added bonus, their fans will take notice and it reflects well on you.

Build your online presence with their market. Interact and engage with their fan and followers. If they know who you are, when the time comes when you get those gigs they’ll be more likely to take action in attending your gig.

In many cases, DJs wear many hats by being promoters or music directors of clubs in where they would be the go-to person to approach for a gig. If you already have an established relationship built on trust and respect which is something this electronic music community was built on, you will find yourself with opportunities around the corner.