Bringing a highly technical performance to the table, Trevor Nygaard utilizes three or more decks alongside ‘live PA’ elements to deliver a fresh, unique take on the art of a DJ. While most traditional DJ’s are simply playing one track into another for the crowd, Trevor is delivering a constant transition with music taking its own form and natural progression. With over 12 years of experience and headlining events across the United States from Hawaii to Connecticut to his hometown of Denver, Trevor has broke in to the international scene with appearances in Guatemala, England and Norway. In the process, he has proven that he understands the universal language of music, and how to speak it.

Trevor currently hosts a show on the world’s #1 online electronic music radio station, Digitally Imported. This is just one of his many musical outlets where his audience continues to grow and loyally support him. His music projects his impeccable taste and passion, making it heartfelt and personal for his audience. Further setting him apart is his warm persona and humble attitude that portray Trevor’s pure love for the music and desire to share that with others.