His Neapolitan origins combined with a strong passion for Chinese classic literature certainly contribute to make this dj/producer/live performer one of the most versatile figures in the Italian club scenario. 
Since a “double face identity” was in need to help expressing his most intimate part, Franky B creating his own moniker Cryptic Monkey, takes inspiration from the mischievous and monkey-looking warrior protagonist of Journey to the West, based on Tang dynasty’ folk tales.

Along his 20 years career, Franky manages to express his talent in several ways, from djs sets to videos’ soundtracks for important firms such as Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Pirelli Re, Total, Refrigiwear, Energie, Ferré.
 Currently committed as the official live sets dj for the show “RAI TUNES”, broadcasted by Rai Radio 2, held by Alessio Bertallot ( Italian public broadcasting channel) , he has just got back from the Uk where he got to play to play live for another radio show, broadcasted on the international Red Bull Music Academy Radio, always in collaboration with Alessio Bertallot. Also member of the Men in Skratch’s crew, he wins the world DMC championship in 2000 and 2001 In London.
 As a live performed, he is part of the Angels Of Love artists, for whom he plays at Magazzini Generali in Milano as well as club Space in Ibiza.

His first appearance as a scratcher in a production is in 1999, in the album “La Vida Que Vendrà” by famous Top Italian live band 99 Posse
Only two years later, he takes his degree as sound designer and releases “Visionetics “ a debut album for his brand new break beat / drum ‘n’bass project Nevrotype, officially appointed by MTV ‘ as one of the best electronic debuts album in Italy’. 
In the same year moves to London to deepen his music studies and gets a residency at club Fridge, Brixton .
 He currently lives in Milano where he has moved since 2004 joining the team of Abstractgroove, integrated design studio, for whom he is producer and Music Sound designer.

In the last few years his profile has led him to international famous clubs , especially in Berlin and to be invited at the 64th International Venice Film Festival where he plays with Alessio Bertallot at the party for the movie “I’m Not Here”, aboard the historic Alberta Ferretti ‘s ice-breaker , with hundred selected guests actors including Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Julianne Moore and Charlotte Gainsbourg as well as the guest of honor Richard Gere.