Europe is arguably the home of dance music and also home to much of the art and fashion that has been innovative for centuries. America may be catching up on the EDM scene, but it is here that it all started and in many ways dance music is so a part of the culture, that people don’t think twice about what is playing on the radio as they shop, eat and go out. They are listening to some of the greatest DJs and artists around without necessarily even knowing who they are. The exposure to great EDM in Europe is definitely nice to be a part of and notice even when others don’t realize it.

My own journey to Prague has been filled with EDM just about everywhere I’ve gone. From the layover in Heathrow Airport in London to my taxi ride from Prague Airport to my dorm—I have been surrounded by just about every type of dance music. It’s almost so in the background that sometimes I don’t notice how prominent it is, which is definitely more so than in the States.

Prague is an Eastern European city known for music. They are known more for orchestral music, ensembles, and opera, but music is a part of the culture. One Czech saying is actually “Co Čech, to muzikant” (meaning every Czech is a musician). Really, it is a part of what makes this city great. Everywhere one walks, there are signs for well-known operas, classical orchestras and even rock bands. This is the place where many of the rock and metal artists end up performing including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lamb of God and Flogging Molly to name a few.

The juxtaposition of these musical genres against the backdrop of such a rich European heritage has made Prague a City to visit and stay in for longer than a few days. Especially since it is one of the least expensive cities to visit and still boasts much of their historical landscape, left untouched despite Communist rule and all the wars that have occurred. Prague retains many of their historical buildings and sections. The people of the Czech Republic may not be the most technologically advanced or the most knowledgeable about the EDM genre, but they are by no means stuck in the past.

Many European cities may be some of the original players in the EDM scene, but Prague is slowly catching on to what is hot in the genre. They boast several clubs with the general multi-floor/multi-genre layout which has been popular all over the world for a long time. But there are also many underground clubs, arts-based events, and beach parties that are now gaining recognition around Prague.

It may be taking Prague a little longer to catch up to the EDM scene, but they are definitely getting there and whether it’s through getting greater access to music or due to tourism, Prague will soon be a little known spot for these types of events and for electronic music in general. It was hard at first to find things to do that were related to EDM even though there’s definitely been growth more recently, but there are some key places and events that should be noted for anyone thinking about taking a trip to this part of the world.