The rain was coming down throughout the day, but the Beekman Beer Garden and Beach Club kept the good times going until well into the night. The place that normally houses picnic benches and beautiful outdoor seating overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge was overrun by colorful beaded bracelet and sunglasses wearing people looking for Molly, looking to dance and looking to hear some great music.

No one seemed to mind as it drizzled as more than a few people were hot from dancing and sweating. Luckily the tented area held in what was probably hundreds of people all dancing and moving at the same time in between breaks of rain and drinks flowed from the start of the show to the end.

Dubstep, house and electro pulsed from every direction for hours on end as DJ sets went on one after another barely missing a beat. Alex English, Hellfire Machina, Nick Catchdubs and Sazon Booya kept the crowd warmed up in anticipation of Knife Party playing everything from hip-hop to Columbian music (basically anything you can dance to) for the dance music fans who just couldn’t get enough.

There may have been diversity in the music, but people kept an open mind and more or less cheered for each DJ as they played the style that they were interested in and even attempted to dance to the music. The camaraderie between the opening DJs was nice as no one competed to be better than anyone else. Each DJ offered the best they could as far as performance and keeping the crowd going.

Australian duo Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen of the band Pendulum came together to form Knife Party and debuted in August of 2011. Since then they’ve managed to release two EPs, one of which, Rage Valley came out just last week. If there was ever a show to go to, this was the one. Just coming off of their EP release, Knife Party gave everything they had.

The tickets have been on sale for quite some time and were still available as of Saturday, but by Sunday it was obvious most (if not all) had sold out. There was a little bit of craziness getting in as beer garden goers prior to four o’clock were allowed to stay without paying, but once the music started, it was clear that those who remained were real fans.

Once Knife Party came on, everyone rushed to the front which caused some craziness as people were pushed out of the way and sometimes crushed in at all sides, but once Knife Party started performing, it became a little easier to dance with the crowd or find a space to chill out.The kick-you-in-the-throat beats were dropped in perfect synch with the crowd’s movements.

Knife Party totally managed to be the perfect answer to a lot of the bad dubstep out there. There were definitely some glitches a few times where the music missed a beat or two and they seemed to be playing quite a few Skrillex tracks, but in the end they kept the crowd going. The only disappointment may have been that they got off stage around ten-thirty as opposed to the midnight cut-off that was promised on the website. If there’s ever a show to catch in the future, it’s Knife Party.