The layered textures on P.O.S. latest single Gravity (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix), are the epitome of glamorous. Beginning with the hammering heartbeat, the distant electronic warbling, the track opens with intrigue and proceeds to explode outward. While the additions of piano and a slightly more complex drum beat add a depth to the song they don’t over complicate things. Gravity is a transition song that involves the audience has a sharp sweet melody and around 3 minutes the necessary slow down.

The track Gravity was originally released in 2005 by P.O.S., or real-person Paavo Siljamaki, but because of the remix by Bayer and Grant it gets a new pair of legs in 2012. 7 years seems like a long time to go between release, but the remix is such a strong single that it’s easy to imagine how necessary it was to present it this way.

The groove is casual, it doesn’t require a lot of intense sweating or heavy lifting. Instead the listener should lay back and feel the song.