iamamiwhoami are an intriguing group. Formed initially through YouTube and a bit of mystery over who the creative genius behind the audiovisual work was, iamamiwhoami has moved on from their early fame and are set to release their second album, kin, on June 11, 2012, which promises to be another complicated and trippy audiovisual experience.

In Due Order is the first single from the upcoming album. The bass is reminiscent of more commercially successfully Ghostland Observatory, while the vocals provide a ghostly companion themselves. The house, synth pop dance elements, are sort of crammed in the middle of two progressions and serve to make the song feel frantic. The song is self assured, confident in its ability to make you appreciate just how good it is. The vocals repeat “we don’t ask for anything…we don’t ask you to be won” perfectly stating how self contained the track is.

Based off of this single, the new album promises to be dark and groovy and a definite success.