On Maya Jane Coles Not Listening DJ Kicks Single, the young and surprising DJ flexes her house music chops. The Single is released in anticipation of an album of collaborated tracks with DJ to be released later in the year.

The title track evokes what the young Londoner is beginning to be know for, a mix of techno house beats with a vibe that you can ride from the beginning of the song all the way to the end without feeling the need to slow down or peak. The track favors heavy drum sampling, from the sound of a simple set to the tropical trill of steel drums. Percussion drives this song, mixing an eclectic mix of heavier drum work, with electric pebbles dropping in a pond. Even the vocal that accompanies the track is a resonating bass, which gives the song a rich mellow feel, even if the vocal element is a complete throwaway.

The second track, Meant to Be, is a minimalist dub mix. It uses interspersed vocals and electric fluctuations to build an even cadence. It always sounds like it’s building up to something, but in true dub fashion chooses to stay in the playground of relaxed sonics instead. The repeating sung line, “What are you/meant to be” provides a funny commentary on the tension built in the song, only the song knows what its it meant to be and sticks with it.