On Our Gigantic Mistake, John Tejada & Justin Maxwell, create an aural landscape to get easily lost in. The EP is only three tracks but the shortest is comes in at 5 minutes and 20 seconds, giving the listener enough time to fully explore what Tejada and Maxwell have accomplished.

Whether the landscape is that of a science fiction story, a video game level, or just a bizarre walk around the room, the three tracks on Our Gigantic Mistake make a cohesive story.

The title track starts off with a scratchy kick drum. The electronic notes that make up the majority of the song then kick in, and the listener can start to comfortably nod their head along. The track is fairly atonal, choosing instead to work on pacing as a way of keeping things exciting. There are highs where the notes get distorted and bleed together, and lows where the song slows to allow for a pause.

Whoops (There It Is) jumps quickly into the previous style. The notes underneath are bloated. As the song progresses a bevy of higher pitched and up tempo styles are added. The song is fairly simple and follows the same creep to the top (both in pace and pitch) and then fade back. As opposed to the first track, Whoops chooses to play with volume level rather than pace, using three simple beats.

Where’s the Cable is by far the best song on the EP and a must listen. It starts with an even bass pushing the song forward and moves into another assortment of lower notes. Like the other two songs Where’s the Cable is even throughout the entire song.

On Our Gigantic Mistake, the songs are crafted to be explored in small body movements, head nods, slow shoulder rolls, and knee bops. Tejada and Maxwell create a relaxed EP.