Behind the turntables for almost 40 years, Danny Tenaglia announced last week on Facebook that he’s “resigning” – not “retiring” – from DJing. With a career that started in the 1970s, Tenaglia spent a good deal of the last 20 years on the road and now, essentially, wants to settle down.

His first post, added on April 18, was a quick decision stemming from a travel-related incident: after coming into Miami from Montreal, the DJ realized he left a carry-on bag containing his ID and passport back on the flight. After saying he has been “living with 1 foot in a closet and 1 outside ‘trying’ to BE the happiest DJ on Earth,” Tenaglia explained his somewhat rash decision to post a statement: “And when I got home I realized I left a small carry on murse bag with many personal things, keys, passport and so on and at first all I could feel was FURY!! I tried everything between Lost & Found and the car service, but as my ID was in there and now 6 days later no return, well all I can say is that THIS has been The Revelation that I needed to say…”

Additional factors, listed by Tenaglia in his post, contributed toward his decision to “resign.” Aside needing some down time, he is no longer able to afford his loft in New York, his residence for 10 years, and is moving out his belongings before July; however, he presently lives in Miami. In his post, he informed fans that his last gig is his belated birthday performance at Pacha in New York on April 28.

After Tenaglia’s initial resignation announcement, fans expressed concerns and his management and promoters were surprised. Following his initial statement, he went onto clarify his original sentiments in a series of Facebook posts. Telling them he is “okay,” he informed his readers that he has, in fact, contemplated this decision for a few years, and the flight incident served as the catalyst for vocalizing his thoughts. Additionally, he revealed how he’ll be spending his downtime: first, talking about his experiences from his lengthy DJing career and getting a journalist over the next two months; second, properly going through his record collection and 20 years of video footage; and third, spending more time with family.

However, Tenaglia emphasizes “resignation” over “retirement” in his later statements, telling fans that, while he’s stopping all traveling until further notice, he’ll still be an entertainer. To prevent confusion, he wrote: ” Well, as: President and CEO of DTour Inc. (since 1999) and lease holder, THIS is where I also felt I need to Change Things Up!! I felt since I now have to say arriverderci to ‘yet another’ wonderful club-like venue so dear me, I simply did not want to look back, but only look forward and dream up a new company name, logo, etc. So, I was basically ‘satirically’ stepping down within my own corporation with all good intentions to take a long overdue and deserved break (mainly) from traveling and come up with new ways to continue enjoying my journey with music and more – which I will BE doing!”

On the same note, the April 28 Pacha performance will not be his last gig ever. Although he is taking the summer off (the first since 1992), Tenaglia is fulfilling the rest of his May 2012 gigs; all Ibiza and European performances, however, have been canceled. For the U.S., Tenaglia is appearing as a special guest of Carl Cox at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and is doing a six-hour set of old-school house on a boat for Movement: Detroit Electronic Music Festival.